Monday, February 28, 2011

1st Time...

The girl's firsts are always hard for me, and the older they've gotten, the more I've learned not to take them for granted.

One of the saddest days for me lately was when my baby woke up one day and told me she didn't want her crib anymore, that she wanted a big girl bed like Hannah. She and daddy tried really hard to talk me into a bunk bed, but I just couldn't be that cool mom that allowed that, so we found another bed that made her happy, and she couldn't get it fast enough! Taking that crib apart was so hard for me. I cried taking it apart, I cried putting her new bed together and I realllllly cried tucking her into that BIG girl bed!!! She was so proud, and I was so proud of her, but she really wasn't a baby anymore. I told her that I was keeping her glider in her room as long as she lived under this roof, because she's the best cuddler and she lets me rock her all night long!! I love that!!!

Alice Anne also got her 1st haircut today!! Hannah went 1st and she watched Hannah very intensely and then when it was her turn, she freaked out!! She did NOT want to get into that chair. We bribed her with a lollipop, and that made everything better!

Hannah got her 1st "manicure" last week. She's been dying to go to the "special nail place" for the longest time and she got to go as a reward for getting a straight line every day last week. I've never seen her work so hard on her responsibilities!!! She was SO proud and of course we were so proud of all her hard work!!! She deserved it for sure!
We had LOTS of snow days in February and although we all complained of cabin fever, we really did have a good time. Jammy was here the 2nd week of snow, so I got some much needed relief!! I'm not much fun outside when it's snowing. I last about 2 seconds and then I get too cold and have to go inside, but daddy knows how to have fun out there!!! Hannah and daddy have SO much fun playing in the snow together! Alice Anne takes after me, and she's my hot cocoa partner. We could sit at the window and watch them for hours!
I LOVE this video. The snow was starting to melt, but they got a short little sleigh ride on our street and then they loaded up in the golf cart and headed to shadier streets and to the park with "snow hills!" We couldn't convince Alice Anne to ride, but Hannah had enough fun for everyone!

I had to post this picture because our family golf cart rides crack me up!! This is what our weekends usually look like. We have several trips to the park with all 4 of us plus both dogs and Hannah's bike all load up on the golf cart!! So much fun and I hope these are the pictures that the girls will always remember of their childhood!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dallas or Antarctica?!?!

It is Beyond COLD here!! We have been locked in our house for 3 days in a row and it's supposed to snow again tonight. Our driveway is a solid 2" ice skating rink and Hannah has had a blast practicing her ice skating skills out there. I would have taken a picture, but it's too cold for me to step outside. We're not used to this and we don't know what to do when it hits us! We're all getting cabin fever and starting to get on each other's nerves, but for the most part, the girls have been great locked in the house! Mommy on the other hand...well, I'm running out of ideas to keep these girls busy! We've done everything, including having a birthday party for each one of our babies and a birthday party for Wally and Ariel!!! I refuse to bake anymore, because I'm so bored I'm eating every single thing we bake, we've read every book we own at least 20 times, we've gone "swimming" in the bathtub, we've played every game and done every learning activity I know to do, we've cleaned our house until there's nothing left to clean, we've organized closets, colored and painted 2,000 pictures, had hot cocoa and popcorn parties in our "dining room chair tent," and played so much playdo that it's almost all dried out! What in the world is left to do? I wouldn't survive the arctics for a day!!!

Ice, Ice, Go Away...Come Again Another Day
They're all bundled up to play outside
Alice Anne did NOT want to come in!!
Baking for the 100th time. No more baking...we're all out of flour and sugar!

Sweet sisters reading books to each other
In case you didn't notice, we've been in our pj's for 3 days, too!!!