Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Fun

I love this time of year...there are so many fun things to do and the weather is getting cooler! Hannah has woken up every morning this week yelling, "Happy Halloween!!!" She wants to know if it's Halloween yet. She got to wear her Halloween costume to dance class on Tuesday, so she thought it was Halloween. Wednesday, she took Halloween cookies to her class at school and she thought it was Halloween and then today we carved our pumpkin and she asked if it was Halloween. I'm not really sure what she's expecting on Halloween, but I hope she's not disappointed...

Hannah didn't want to touch the "yucky part of the pumpkin," but she was very bossy about what shapes she wanted me to cut out for her jack-o-lantern's face.

She LOVED drying the pumpkin seeds with the hairdryer so we could season and roast them and she ate almost every single one...she loved them!
When I told her to brush the oil on the seeds she laughed harder than I've seen her laugh in a long time! She thought it was hilarious that I wanted her to "paint" the seeds.
We painted a couple of pumpkins

And we made pumpkin and bat rice krispie treats
These are the cookies we made for Hannah's class at school. Sweet little girl was SO excited to pass out her cookies to all of her friends and the first thing she told me when I picked her up from school was that her teachers passed the cookies out and not her.
She carried the box of cookies around the house for about 30 minutes before we left. It really doesn't take much to get her excited!!!
Hannah wanted to practice "playing Halloween"...whatever that means, so we played Halloween dress-up for about 2 hours. BUT...she said we couldn't put on their real Halloween costume because it wasn't Halloween yet.
Alice Anne trying to walk and then she tripped on her long princess dress.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baylor Homecoming

We haven't been to Baylor Homecoming in years! We decided to go this year and take the girls to the parade and the football game. It did not disappoint! They both loved the parade, but Hannah especially was in heaven! She loved the floats and you would have thought she had never seen candy before...she LOVED it!!

Holding her purse open , begging for candy

She thought all of the Homecoming Nominees were "Princesses." When she saw this she said, "Mommy, Cinderella's here!!!"
Jammy and her girls
Hannah was very proud of how full her purse was with candy. We emptied it out before we got there and it was full to the max when we left. She was so funny...she only wanted the candy with the pretty colors. She was more than willing to give the chocolate and tootsie rolls away to other children because they weren't "pretty"
Friday night at Ninfa's
Sweet cousins worn out after the game

Granny and her girls

Alice Anne and Carter loving on each other
We all borrowed Baylor shirts from Carter and collected acorns all afternoon. Hannah is so funny...last time Alice Anne wore Carter's blue pajamas, Hannah said, "who is that." When she saw Alice Anne in a t-shirt she said, "is that Carter or Alice Anne?"

These 2 loved being on the chair together...or more like Alice Anne LOVED being on the chair with Carter. Don't know if Carter was too happy about it, but he didn't have a choice :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun with Ava

The rain interrupted our plans once again!! We planned on picking Ava up this morning and heading to the pumpkin patch. Hannah was so excited about going to see the pumpkins with Ava, so I had to come up with a new plan that would get them just as excited. We headed to Valley View Mall. I's soooo sketchy, but no one is ever there and they have a carousel and train that can't be near as nasty as any of the others because I've never seen a soul on it! The girls LOVED it!! They had just as much fun in the car playing with Alice Anne. They thought it was the funniest game to call her "Allyson." They'd yell "Allyson" and die laughing and Alice Anne just laughed right along with them! After we rode all the rides we headed to Chick-fil-a. Hannah and Ava were so cute running around holding hands. I bet I had 5 people ask me if they were twins. I guess because they're the same size...because they don't look a thing alike!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Funny Girls

The girls have spent hours playing in their "tent" this week!! Alice Anne plays hide-and-seek and Hannah thinks it's a secret hiding place. I think this might become a permanent fixture in my dining room!!

I love her smile in this pic!

This might not look as funny as it is, but here's the story...
Hannah has these funny looking rubber teeth that she puts in her mouth and makes everyone laugh. Alice Anne keeps getting those teeth and hanging them out of her mouth and then will come stick her head in your face thinking she's the funniest thing. It's so funny!!

Monday, Hannah helped me cook dinner for 4 different families. We took dinner to a friend that just had a baby, a friend that's on bed rest, Granny Phyla and Mickey and our neighbor down the street. The lady down the street is an older lady that doesn't have any family around and she is always so happy to see the girls. So, I told Hannah that we would take dinner to her once a week. I think my little girl that has a heart of gold wants us to become meals on wheels. She told me everyone that she wants to take dinner to next week...and her list is LONG! She said, "mommy, they are so happy when we bring them food because they were hungry when we got there. We need to take them some more food!" Guess we better get to cooking!! How do you tell a little girl that we can't take someone food??

Saturday, October 17, 2009

State Fair...WHAT An Adventure

All week, we've planned on going to the State Fair on today. We didn't get to go last year and we really wanted to make it this year. We realized yesterday that it was Texas/OU weekend at the fair, and it would be a madhouse there...lets just scratch the fair idea. Ummmm, no, not when you have a 2 year old that remembers everything and she is so excited about going she said she dreamed about going to the "carnival" last night! We heard that it wasn't that crowded during the game, so we figured we'd go around 11:30, after Alice Anne's nap. Parking would be a nightmare, so we decided to ride the Dart Train. The girls would love it and we wouldn't have to mess with finding a parking place. Sounded like a good idea...we'd just hop on the train with wagon in tote, and hop out right at the fair, right? SO Wrong! Everyone else in Dallas, Austin and Oklahoma had the same great idea that we had! Literally the train was so packed we could barely breathe...when we found a train that had room on it for us at all!! It literally took over an hour to get there because the train kept stopping for no apparent reason. The girls were squirming and ready to get off and I was so paranoid about the girls touching anything in that nasty train, I kept squirting hand sanitizer on them every 2 minutes. We finally made it and the part about it not being crowded during the game was such a myth, too. It was SO crowded!!!
But, really once we were there we had a blast! We forgot about what an ordeal it was getting there and we just played and had fun. I think Hannah would have stayed forever if we would have let her. The girl has no fear!!! She wanted to ride every single ride she saw and she didn't do ANY of the dinky little kid rides, she did the real rides! Daddy was so excited that he had a roller coaster partner. I didn't protest much, because I didn't think she would be allowed on those FAST, scary rides, but she was...and she loved them! I just turned my head and tried to not watch how fast and jerky the rides really were!
We were there forever and the girls did awesome! Especially sweet Alice Anne that didn't get to do much. She was such a sport riding around in the wagon watching big sister and daddy ride those crazy rides. She just watched and giggled the whole time. Didn't whine once...she just smiled right through her nap time. The paci was a lifesaver, though!!
Brett and I were exhausted around 3:30 and we were ready to go. We started heading out...yes, JUST as the game let out!! Seriously?!?!? We just looked at each other and laughed. We felt so stuck! We thought about getting a taxi to take us to our car at the train station, but what about the girls...we didn't have car seats. Then we thought about Brett taking a taxi and getting the car to come get us, but we probably never would have found him, so we decided to just battle the crowd and try to get on the train. It was literally shoulder to shoulder walking to the exit and all the drunks were tripping over the wagon, etc. We saw the line for the train and it was probably 200 miles long Are you kidding me?? We went out the exit not knowing what to do and a lifesaver policeman saw us and let us in the front of the Dart line and we hopped right on. It was really funny...when we were standing there waiting for the train he told everyone to "line up behind the red wagon!!" LOVED IT!!! Brett and I were trying to hide our faces because we didn't want everyone getting mad at the people with the red wagon. We were the 1st ones on the train and it only took us about 20 minutes to get to our car. It was packed to the max, but we had seats this time and everyone was SO nice!!
We made it home around 5:00, threw the girls in the tub and scrubbed them harder than we've ever scrubbed before, fed them and Alice Anne was OUT by 6:15 and Hannah was right behind her at 6:45. We had 2 worn out girls that had so much fun at the fair! What an fun adventure!!!
Fletcher's Corn dogs...YUM!! Our little chunky Alice Anne wouldn't have anything to do with them...what in the world?
She preferred goldfish!
This was the only "kid ride" that Hannah rode.
Roller coaster #1...this was FAST!
Alice Anne's 1 ride that she got to ride...the Carousel
The Mega Super Slide!! Hannah LOVED IT!!
Roller coaster #2...this thing was SO FAST I was sure Hannah was going to come off of it throwing up...
...but this was her face when she got off!!
Sweet Girl!
She really wanted to ride the bumper cars. She stood there saying, "ca, ca, ca"
This is what we looked like when we left...bows are nowhere to be found, cotton candy is stuck on our fingers and I'm getting screamed at by 2 little voices and given some really dirty looks for putting more sanitizer in their hands!!