Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Miss You Dada!!!

We have had such a boring week this week, I haven't had anything to post about. The only thing going on around here is that we're missing our daddy...terribly!!! He was gone Wed-Friday last week and then had to leave again Sunday night. He'll be home Friday, but only to grab his hunting gear and then he's headed on his hunting trip until Sunday. We'll be so glad to have him home!!

We got our pumpkins last weekend and Hannah did NOT forget that we had some in the tree last year. She said she wanted daddy to put 28 in the tree. She didn't get 28, but she got some in the tree and she gets SO excited every time we drive up and she sees the pumpkins in the tree...
Doesn't Alice Anne look so old in this picture!! She was SO proud of her pigtails!! They were my little helpers this afternoon while I planted flowers. OH...Alice Anne has taken a couple of steps this week! When I say a couple, I literally mean just a couple. And, it's only on her terms. If I try to get her to walk to me she sits down real fast! But she wants to hold one of my hands and walk all over the place. Hannah didn't walk until 15 months, and I'm thinking Alice Anne will probably be the same...
Bath time is still their absolute favorite part of the day. They have so much fun in the bath tub and they could play in there forever!!! Alice Anne was so cute tonight...she chased Hannah around the tub for about 10 minutes trying to give her kisses. They were both dying laughing. Alice Anne was laughing so hard she could hardly get the kisses out of her mouth!!!
Hannah has created what she calls her "jobs." It is the funniest thing and she is more than serious about her jobs. She WILL NOT get out of the tub until her job is complete and it usually takes about 15-20 minutes...ugh!!! This is what her job consists of...lining up all of the letters: there are a few fish that go at the front of the line and then every night she does blue, then green, then purple, yellow and orange. Then she fills all 3 cups up with freezing cold water (because she says the fish don't like hot or warm water) and she puts 3 fish in the cups that match their color. It's so funny because she takes it so seriously!!! Don't try to talk to her while she's working because she can't talk...she has to copentate (concentrate). Funny girl!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

American Girls

Ever since the American Girl store opened here, I have been dying to take the girls for a special tea party. We needed an outing today, and the girl's allergies are SO bad that it needed to be inside, so we went for tea. Oh would have thought they had died and gone to heaven!! They LOVED it!!! We spent at least an hour downstairs just drooling over all the dolls and doll accessories! Alice Anne loved looking at the dolls just as much as Hannah did! Alice Anne said, "WOW...bebe!!" and then laughed at every baby she saw.
Then we went upstairs to eat and when I told Hannah she could pick out a doll to sit next to her at the table, I saw the most excited looking smile on her face that I have ever seen! It took her about 15 minutes to pick the perfect doll and then she helped Alice Anne pick hers. Our lunch was lemonade, chicken tenders, fruit and a pink milkshake with whip cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top. And, we were the only ones in the restaurant and they had some birthday song playing and of course Hannah picked up on it real fast. So, Hannah decided that it was her babies birthday and started singing Happy Birthday to her really loud and all of the waiters came over and started singing with her. It was really cute!! Fun, fun morning!!! Made me wonder what in the world I would do with a boy?!?! Guess he'd have to learn to like baby dolls and tea parties!!
Alice Anne was so proud that she got her OWN pink lemonade!!
Hannah said, "Mommy, I really need to take her home!"
Alice Anne showing me babies eyes
WOW!!! Alice Anne got one, too, but I couldn't take her pic or the milkshake would have been in her lap!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sing A Song About The Heartland

My mom and my sisters have gotten onto me for 2 1/2 years for not using my video camera. I pulled it out of the closet a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to figure out how to work it since then...the exact reason I haven't used it, I am SO technically challenged.

I wanted to get Hannah singing The Heartland song by George Strait. Totally random, I know! Hannah always says, "daddy, lets sing a song," and daddy always starts singing this song to her. It's really funny.

I videotaped this while she was waiting for Mary Aldon to come and get her to go to dance class, so she was a little distracted.

I hope this video works!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ok Girls...Things Are Getting Out of Hand

Dad??? Does the title of this post sound familiar? Yes, I caught myself sounding EXACTLY like my dad yesterday!! When my sisters and I used to get a little too wild while having fun when we were little, my dad would always say, "OK Girls, things are getting out of hand." We would always say, "dad, we're just playing" and dad would respond that some one's about to get mad or hurt. We didn't understand then, but I definitely do now. Yesterday, while I was out working in the yard, the girls were having so much fun, literally wrestling on the blanket on the grass. They had been wrestling for several minutes and they were laughing hysterically but I could tell just by listening that it was getting rougher and rougher and someone was about to get hurt. Just when I started to say, "that's enough...", Alice Anne got knocked down and got a busted lip. Hannah jumped up, so worried that she would get in trouble, saying, "mommy, I didn't mean to...we were just playing." Obviously she didn't get in trouble, but we got a busted lip out of it and lots of cries out of the little baby.

The busted lip just added to Alice Anne's already beat-up little body. Saturday, when we were at Grapefest, Alice Anne was riding in the wagon and just started screaming hysterically. I picked her up and we figured that she had just smashed her finger or something and she stopped crying and was fine. When we got home and I went to change her diaper I saw this...
...and it's 10 times worse than it looks in this picture. I have stressed over this since seeing it. What in the world??? I can not figure out WHAT could have caused this AND her 3 small toes are bruised, too. I have inspected the wagon 1,000 times and I can't find anything that would have caused this! She was fine the rest of the day and doesn't act like it hurts at all. WEIRD!! I was hesitant to leave her in the nursery at church yesterday. The workers in her class don't know me...what if they think she has abusive parents and call CPS on me?!? I mean...that's what I would think if I saw a baby that looked like this!! Poor little girl!
Hannah...she constantly makes me laugh! The funniest things come out of her mouth. This morning Alice Anne was calling for dada while we were eating breakfast. Hannah is so funny because you can always tell when she's pondering something really hard and she was definitely having one of these moments. Then she looks over at me and said, "mommy, where did you get dada anyway?" What??? How do I respond to this?? I said, "I got him at Baylor." What was I supposed to say? She said, "Where did Baylor get him?" I said, "From Gigi and Grandpop." End of conversation...I guess my answers satisfied her.
Alice Anne has been freaking out when we drop her off at the church nursery. Yesterday Hannah said that she wanted to tell Alice Anne that it was OK when we dropped her off. "Mommy, she won't cry if I take her," she said. Well, that didn't work, but before she went to her class, she said, "Mommy, do you want me to take you and daddy to your class. If I do then daddy won't cry!" She was dead serious!!! So cute!!!
This morning before we left for school I told Hannah to go put her brown shoes on while I put her things in her backpack. She came into the kitchen and said, "come on mommy and Alice Anne. I'm ready for school!" And this is what she had shoes that I had left by the back door.
She was sincerely upset when I told her that she couldn't wear mommy's 3" heels to school. Of course she asked me why not and I told her that she wouldn't be able to run and play with her friends on the playground if she had high heels on and she said, "that's ok mommy, I'll just sit on the helicopter and look pretty." I think there's a helicopter toy on the playground...
Funny Girl!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Haircuts and Festivals

Hannah got her hair cut this morning. She has only gotten her hair cut once before today and I forgot my camera then, so I'm posting a picture of todays cut. She was SOOO excited to go! For some reason, Ms. Amy, who cut her hair last time, left a lasting impression on her, and she has talked about Ms. Amy cutting her hair ever since. She was so excited to go see Ms. Amy this morning, but when we got there, she was out sick. Hannah called the lady "Nana," that cut her hair today, because we couldn't understand what she said her name was. Hannah acted like she and "Nana" were best friends and kept trying to strike up conversations, saying, "Nana..." and she never got a response from her because I don't think that was even close to what her real name was. It was so funny I was having to turn around so she wouldn't see me laughing! Hannah eventually started laughing about it too.
After Hannah and I got home from getting her hair cut, we all went to the Grapefest in Grapevine. The weather was beautiful and the girls had a blast!! Alice Anne was enthralled by the roller coaster. She could have sat there and watched it all day! She kept yelling, "WOAH!!!" and then dying laughing every time they would go over the "hill." The petting zoo was a big hit with both the girls and of course the corn dog that daddy got them!!! I don't think I've ever seen Alice Anne so excited than she was when she saw daddy walk up holding a corn dog. It was hilarious...I thought she was going to jump out of my arms!!!
I think this picture is so funny! Hannah was VERY into whatever she was doing and Alice Anne just sat like this forever with her chin in her hand, like, are you ever going to finish so we can move on.
She finally realized that Hannah was going to be a while, so she decided she better start playing!
We sat here forever just watching the roller coaster...
while daddy and Hannah were in the House of Mirrors, which Hannah LOVED so much that when she ran straight into the wall and bumped her head so hard she just laughed!

She really wanted to be the "baboose" on the train

She kept looking over at Brett with a "daddy, aren't you proud of me" look on her face while she was on this ride that went around in circles so fast! She was so dizzy when she got off Brett had to carry her!

Yes...I have changed about 100 wet diapers all afternoon because she drank this entire thing!!!

We headed to the Hot Air Balloon Festival after naps, but it was a madhouse to say the least and we didn't feel like walking 20 miles, so we turned around and came home...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Long Week

It has been a long week around here! We're all anxious to get settled into our new fall routine. Hannah has just been wiped out all week and has gone to bed really early every night. Alice Anne was a basket case yesterday after screaming for an hour in her bed when I put her down for her morning nap...don't know what that was all about?!?!

Here's how we've passed the time this week since it has rained ALL WEEK LONG!!!

LOTS of Dress-up!
Hannah loves to dress Alice Anne up and Alice Anne loves it, too. Alice Anne has been so funny this week...every time Hannah has princess shoes on (which is almost always), Alice Anne goes to the toy basket to get some for herself. She brings them to me and wants me to put them on her feet!

We went to see the Ducks and the Turtles at Northpark yesterday. Alice Anne had to get out of the house or she was going to loose it!

Looks like we have another baby obsession in our family! Alice Anne takes Baby Robyn everywhere with her, kissing on her all day long. I think we may need a 2nd baby doll stroller...when Hannah sees Alice Anne pushing Robyn in the baby stroller she quickly decides that her babies need to go on a walk, too, and Robyn gets booted to the grocery basket. And yes...Alice Anne notices the difference between the stroller and the grocery basket!!

She got the boot...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little Ballerina

Another big day for Hannah today...1st Day of Dance Class and it did not disappoint! Once again, she woke up bright and early ready to dance. She meticulously laid out her dance clothes last night before bed and she could not wait to put them on!! After class she didn't tell me much except that, "it was GREAT and I danced to 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'."
Our Little Ballerina! This picture was taken at 8:30 and dance class didn't start until was a LONG 1 1/2 hours!!
Hannah and Mary Aldon ready to go in and dance!

Monday, September 14, 2009

1st Day of School

Today was Hannah's 1st day of school and she couldn't wait!!! She has been talking about it for a week solid and she woke up bright and early shouting "Summer's Over!!!" The 1st thing she said when she got up was, "Mommy, we were supposed to do a manicure and pedicure before school. We need to hurry!" So we did a quick manicure and saved the pedicure for this afternoon after explaining to her several times that she was going to have socks and shoes on and no one would see her pedicure anyway ( she only 2?!?!) She ate her breakfast faster than I've ever seen her eat and put her backpack on 30 minutes before we left. She was very excited about her lunch that she helped me make last night but she quickly requested when I picked her up this afternoon that we "go to the store and get pretzels please so I can have them in my lunch next time." Apparently there were several kids with pretzels that she really wanted! When we got in the car I told her to tell me all about her day. Her response was, "not right now, I'll tell you when we get home." Then as soon as we walked in the door she went and sat on the couch and said, "come on, let me tell you about my school!" She told me every little detail...who she played with and what they played; who said what; who ate what; told me all about the book she read; what colors she colored with; who took a nap and who didn't (because apparently she was the nap police since she wasn't taking one). She told me that she used her manners, but hesitantly confessed that she forgot to say "thank you" when her teacher brought her a napkin at lunch. She seemed so big sitting there telling me all of this!!! I just sat there and listened as my eyes teared up. My sweet little girl is growing up faster than I want!!!
Getting her manicure at the breakfast table
She was very excited about her ABC dress
Telling me to please hurry up and get in the car
Alice Anne and I had such a fun day together!! It's really funny, but she is such a different child when big sister's not around. It made me glad that I kept her at home because I think the one-on-one time will really be good for her! She is such a talker when chatterbox Hannah isn't here and she's a little comedian, too. She made me laugh all day with her sweet little games and then she would crack herself up! She wanted to read books and play ball all day! I think we read every book we own at least twice and probably played ball for 30 minutes. I put a lot of pics on here of her throwing the ball because I think they're hilarious!! She REALLY gets into throwing it and she yells "BA" ever time she throws it! So cute!! We also went and got her some new church shoes that she's pretty proud of!!
Sweet Little Girl waking up from her nap excited to play with Mommy!!!
Happy Girl getting ALL of this attention!!
Time to play ball!!! Can you see her top teeth in this pic?

On to the books...

Calling "Nana" to see if she was home yet. When I told her it was time to go pick Hannah up she started laughing and got so excited!! The 1st thing Hannah did when we got there was gave Alice Anne a big kiss!!

Checking out her new shoes!!

Both girls are wiped out from their big day and are sound asleep in their beds!!!