Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Hannah!

I would be lying if I said that I was writing this post with dry eyes. To say that I have had an extremely hard time accepting that Hannah is turning 4, would be an understatement. I don't know why, but for some reason, 4 just seems so big! Maybe it's because Hannah actually "gets it" this year, and knows that she's getting big, and she has been so excited about it. Or, maybe it's because she planned her birthday for 312 days, but, whatever it is, this mama isn't handling it very well. Every time she talked about it, I told her that I was sad that she was getting so big and that she wasn't a baby anymore and every time, she would give me the sweetest hug and tell me, "but mommy, I'll always be your baby...even when I'm 100!!!" That describes our sweet little Hannah perfectly. She always takes every one's feelings into consideration, and she always wants to make others feel good.

It seems like just yesterday that she was born! We were eating dinner Monday night and I just happened to look up at the clock at 7:11...the exact time that Hannah was born 4 years ago. I teared up a bit, gave Hannah a big kiss, and told her how happy she made her daddy and me 4 years ago that very moment. We talked about how we couldn't imagine our family without her. She had fun asking us questions about when she was born and she always laughs when we tell her how she cried non-stop for months and months!! And now she's four!! She's not a crying little baby anymore, she's not even a toddler anymore, she's my preschooler that is asking me how many days until she gets to go to "the big school!" If only we could freeze time!!!

I want to write everything I feel about our kids on each of their birthdays, so I can always remember, but I really don't know where to start on this one. Both of our girls are so much more than Brett and I could have ever dreamed of in our children, yet they are both so different in their own way. Hannah is the most loving and compassionate child I have ever met. She has never met a stranger and she is one that everyone wants to be friends with. She makes the old people smile at the grocery store and makes the crying baby laugh at the park without even trying to. She is such a sensitive child and her cuddles can make any one's day brighter! She is SO curious...sometimes a little too much, and will WEAR YOU OUT with her 1,000 questions an hour!!! She won't accept "I don't know" for an answer, so you better be on your toes when you're around her. She loves to help out, and is very willing to do whatever it is that you ask of her. She still LIVES her day by her Responsibility Chart. Her 8 responsibilities are, "Obey, Be Nice, Share, Tell The Truth, Help Out, No Whining, Use Your Manners, and Stay In Your Bed All Night :)" She will do whatever it takes to make sure she gets a "straight line" every day!

Brett and I can honestly say that we couldn't be prouder of the little girl that we have raised thus far, and we are so excited to see how much more joy she will bring us in the years to come!!

Hannah is the best big sister we could have ever asked for! She absolutely adores her little sister and they play together like angels! They tell each other every day that they are best friends, and as a mommy that grew up with 2 sisters, it melts my heart! I see their friendship growing closer all the time and I pray that God will always protect that special bond that they have!
Her favorite colors are red, orange and pink, and her daily routine revolves around those colors. The panties she picks, the dress, the shoes, the toys, everything that has red, orange and pink are her favorite...and it can become VERY annoying at times!!!
She LOVES school and she loves learning new things!! She has known all her numbers and letters for a while now and can count to well over 100. She can count by 10's and is working on counting by 5's. She can do simple addition and subtraction. She can write all of her letters and can independently write "Hannah Leigh Belf, Alice Anne, Mommy, Daddy, Jammy, Papa, Gigi, Wally, car, stop, go," and many other words. She wants to know what every word on a building, billboard, etc. spells. Her favorite activity by far is coloring. She can color for long as she has a red, orange and pink crayon!!! Her favorite princess is Ariel and her favorite games are Hide-and-Seek, I Spy and Chase! She still loves ballet and started gymnastics this year.
She is a great eater!! She'll try just about anything and LOVES salad! I told her that she could pick any birthday dinner that she wanted, that we could eat at home or go eat somewhere and she said that she wanted to eat chicken caesar salad and macaroni and cheese at home--DONE!! She wanted pancakes, fried eggs and blueberries for her birthday breakfast.
Hannah and Milam had a fabulous 4th Birthday party together...Breakfast With Santa!! Hannah talked about it for months and could not believe that the REAL Santa was coming to eat Breakfast with them at her house!!! We have a lot to live up to next year!!!
Greeting Santa at the Door
How sweet is this!!
Santa Reading "The Night Before Christmas"
Sweet Sisters
Blowing out their candles
Her party wouldn't be complete without her dear friend Molly!!
Happy 4th Birthday Hannah!!! We love you all the way to the moon and back!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Girls Weekend

Someone asked me today if I was a "hunter widow" and that's exactly what I have been lately!! Brett loves hunting and during hunting season, the girls and I get in a lot of good girl time! We have had such a fun and busy weekend! They are both at the perfect age and are so much fun to do things with!

Alice Anne seems to have grown-up all of a sudden and she is my little doll! Honestly, I can't get enough of her! I'm really, really sad that she is such a big girl now and no longer a baby at all! I can't even talk about it with out tearing up! The other day, I told our "Elf On The Shelf" (aka Suzy), how good Alice Anne was doing at using her manners. Ever since then, Alice Anne has ended every single sentence in "ma'am." It is so funny! "May I please have some water ma'am?" "I need to go to the bathroom ma'am" I love it! Hannah keeps telling her that she doesn't need to say that and Alice Anne just laughs.
Hannah is really into the Christmas Story this year and wants to talk about baby Jesus all the time. She asks me questions all day long about baby Jesus and half of them I don't even know how to answer, and when I do answer it, it leads into 100 other questions that I don't know how to answer.
Hannah asked me today what Santa was going to bring me for Christmas. I told her that Santa only brings presents for kids. She got such a sad look on her face and asked me if that made me sad. I told her that I would get some present from other people. She said, "mommy, what do you want daddy to get you? I'll tell him and I'll make sure you get it. I don't want you to be sad on Christmas." My tender hearted little one!

We've had so much fun looking at Christmas lights this year. Of course the girls love all the really tacky light displays and they've begged us to get a blow-up snowman to put in the front yard, but there is just no way!!
I wasn't going to do breakfast with Santa this year because Santa is coming to Hannah's birthday party, but Hannah has talked about us going to eat breakfast with Santa last year so much lately and kept asking me if Alice Anne could go with us this year, that I went ahead and did it. She obviously loved it and I want that to be something that they'll remember doing with me every Christmas. I'm so glad we went...they had a blast!!! Alice Anne tried to act shy and pretend like she didn't like Santa, but the second he left, she begged for him to come back! When we got in the car she said, "I give Santa big hug at Hannah's party and I tell him I sorry. I really want a Snow White doll! I sweet!" She obviously thought about it after he left and is a little worried that he won't bring her presents if she doesn't give him a hug. Hannah literally talked Santa's ear off and luckily he went right along with everything that she said about him coming to her house for her party. The girl can talk!! We were waiting in line at the grocery today and the old lady behind us simply said, "looks like you have 2 good helpers." That's all Hannah needed her to say to initiate the conversation. By the time we had paid, the poor lady knew everything Hannah had helped me with the past 3 days, Hannah's full name, birthday, all her friends names and their birthdays, what kind of parties they had all had, what she was going to have at her party and on her real birthday, what she wants for Christmas, how many dogs she has and how old they are, what kind of party she wants to have when she turns 5, 6 and 7, what we were going to do the rest of the day, and a bunch of other stuff the poor little old lady did not care to know! It's so funny, but sometimes a little embarrassing!
We went to a live nativity after baths the other night. They had costumes there and the girls got to dress-up like Mary and Joseph. Of course Hannah was Mary and she told Alice Anne to be Joseph. Alice Anne insisted that she was NOT a boy! Hannah was so funny when we left. She said, "mommy, you know we weren't the real Mary and Joseph. It was just pretend. Could have fooled me!

They couldn't get enough of Baby Jesus

Hannah and her new BFF

Alice Anne doing a pretend pout!

Another thing that I LOVE doing with the girls at Christmas...making chocolate covered pretzels and they love it too!

Roasting marshmallows and making smores!

Bundled up in mommy and daddy's bed to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Little Angels

This story was so sweet I had to write it down...

This afternoon the girls and I were putting some Christmas decorations up and Hannah went and sat down on the couch. I could tell she was thinking really hard about something. She sat there for a few minutes and then walked over to me and teared up. She said with the sweetest, most concerned voice, "Mommy, what can I do if I miss you so much when you go to heaven?" Shocked, I said, "Honey, mommy's not going to heaven." She said, "Yes you are. Everyone goes to heaven someday. But I'm going to miss you when you go and I'm going to always be sad." I was doing everything I could to not let my tears show, so as I kissed her head over and over, I assured her that I would not go to heaven for a long, long time and that I was going to stay right here and be her mommy. She said, "Mommy, when you go to heaven, I want to go with you..."
Talk about melting a mommy's heart!!!
My sweet little family on Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had another fabulous Halloween this year. The girls were really into it and the day couldn't come fast enough. Hannah went back and forth on what she wanted to dress-up as, and finally settled on Ariel. Alice Anne wanted to be Snow White...until she saw Hannah in her mermaid costume and then of course she had to be Ariel too!

Our sweet friends Will and Hank hosted their annual Halloween Party on Swiss Ave. The girls got in lots of play time and then we headed out to the decked-out street for trick-or-treating. It was SO crowded and after about 5 houses, the girls had had enough. So we came home and hopped on the golf cart to visit a few houses on our street.

The 2 Belf Mermaids and the cutest Tinkerbell

Look how cute these kids are! They've all been best of friends since they were newborns and they still love playing together!

These 2 took off and were ready to get some candy...

Alice Anne couldn't keep up, so she grabbed Samuel's hand...

...they got completely run over on the sidewalk, so she hopped on her favorite boy's shoulders!

This picture cracks me up!!! She was trying to be "Spooky!"

A rare pic of the 2 of us

Hannah was so excited to go to our old house. She said she didn't have to knock because she used to live there. We had to explain that one to her...
The discussion has already started between them about what they're going to be next year. So far, Hannah is going to be a Fairy and Alice Anne is going to be Snow White. We'll see...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fun

I LOVE's my favorite season by far! I love the weather, I love all the festivals, the State Fair, Halloween...I just love everything about it! This year we've had so much fun with the girls. They're both at the perfect age for all of the activities and they can not wait until Halloween!!!
Their favorite part about the fair...the cotton candy!

Making a Haunted House. They were a lot more serious about this than I expected. I expected Alice Anne to sit there and eat the candy the entire time...regardless of what I said, and Hannah to sit there and beg me to let her eat the candy the whole time, but neither one of those happened. They LOVED decorating it...and then they each got to eat 2 pieces afterwards!!!

Decorating their "Crazy Pumpkins"

The finished products! Hannah wanted a ponytail on hers and Alice Anne wanted pigtails on hers!

This picture makes me laugh. Our favorite thing to do around here is to dress-up like princesses, turn some music on and dance. As they were dancing, Alice Anne fell down. Hannah ran over to her and started screaming very dramatically, "The glass slipper, the glass slipper!! It broke!!!" Alice Anne looked at her like she was crazy and said, "It didn't's right here!" Hannah got real serious and started explaining to her that she was pretending and said, "Alice Anne, when I pretend, you have to pretend with me, because I'm the big sister. If I say the glass slipper broke, you say OK." So, of course, just like everything else, Alice Anne went along with it. It was hilarious to hear the conversation!!!

We played "Beauty Parlor" with all our babies. They looked through the American Girl catalog and picked out how they wanted each doll's hair fixed. We even brought Sarah and Mary's American Girl dolls home to give them a makeover!

Hannah started gymnastics this fall and is loving every second of it! We're so impressed with her gymnastics class and she's really learning a lot! Her sweet little friend Lucy is in her class and it's just the 2 of them, so they get their teacher's undivided attention. She loves dance, too, and when I ask her if she likes gymnastics or ballet better, she says that she can't decide :)
Hannah is getting too big too fast!!! She is counting the days until she turns 4...and we've been counting EVERY SINGLE DAY for 250 something days!!! In her mind, a LOOOOT is going to change when she's 4 years old!

Alice Anne is such a mess and seriously cracks me up all day long! She is so funny...and SUCH a little toot at the same time! She does NOT like being the only one in her class at school that wears panties and she makes sure that I know it by asking for a diaper everyday after school. When I tell her that she's a big girl and doesn't need a diaper, she simply spreads her legs out and pees all over the floor. Strong willed child?? Seriously...this happens twice a week at the same time every Monday and Wednesday afternoon!!! I keep thinking that if I ignore it, clean it up and act like nothing ever happened, she'll stop doing it...but it hasn't stopped yet ;) She always hugs me after I clean it up and makes up for it. I swear, she gives THE BEST hugs ever!!! They will never get old!!! And she loves to give them out, which I love!
My sweet little toot!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I have never been one that does good on little sleep. I need a good 7-8 hours of sleep at night to be happy. It's been a while since I've had babies that are up all night, and I've tried to put those days behind me. I don't know what was going on last night, but I think someone was playing a not so funny joke on me.

Here's how my night went:

11:30 p.m.-Guess I had too much caffeine, and I was having a hard time winding down
12:30 a.m.-Trying to sleep, but I had a husband and 2 dogs that were snoring louder than ever
1:00 a.m.-Earplugs helped a little and I think I dozed off
2:15 a.m.-Alice Anne starts crying...I go up there and she's upset that she dropped her blankie
3:00 a.m.-I finally go back to sleep
3:23 a.m.-Hannah is at the side of my bed tapping on my back. Says her boo boo hurts. I give her some Motrin and take her back upstairs
3:55 a.m.-I'm still awake and Hannah comes BACK downstairs and says, "It's taking too long." Don't know what was taking too long, but trying to be patient, I take her back upstairs.
4:20 a.m.-I think I've just dozed off and Hannah is at the side of my bed AGAIN! I'm losing my patience and I tell her to go back upstairs.
4:33 a.m.-Brett says that since he's awake, he's going to go ahead and go to the office, so he gets in the shower.
4:50 a.m.-Brett can't find heartburn medicine. I get up and turn all the lights on to find it.
4:54 a.m.-Brett leaves
4:55 a.m.-Brett comes back inside. He can't find his keys. I get up again and help him find his keys.
5:08 a.m.-Hannah is back downstairs. I tell her to go back up and don't come back down until it's "wake-up time"
5:30 a.m.-I'm worried that Brett got mugged walking into the office at such crazy hours so I call to make sure he's OK.
5:58 a.m.-Last time I looked at the clock. I think I finally went to sleep!!
6:37 a.m.-I hear, "Good Morning, Mommy!!" It's Hannah!!!!
7:00 a.m.-Guess I better get up and start my day...

What in the world!!! Wish I was a napper...

On a sweeter note, we took the girls to the Botanical Gardens in Ft. Worth last weekend. It was beautiful!!!

Sleepy Baby!