Thursday, April 30, 2009

Books and A Train Ride

We spent the morning at home and I think we read about every book in this house...and that's A LOT!! It was a lot of fun, though, because they will both just cuddle up with me on the couch and listen to books. Hannah wanted to read her nursery rhyme book (that she has memorized) to Alice Anne and they were so sweet!! I love all of the pictures from today because they say so much about how the girls feel about each other. Hannah is in love with Alice Anne and always wants to make sure that she is included and taken care of. Alice Anne ADORES her big sister and wants to be big like her so bad! She thinks Hannah is the funniest person alive and she watches every move that Hannah makes in awe! Hannah hugs Alice Anne all day long. A lot of the time it looks like Alice Anne is being tackled, but Alice Anne knows what Hannah is trying to do :)

I had to run to the mall and we saw a choo-choo train and HAD to ride it! I wasn't really afraid of swine flu germs while we were there b/c there is never anyone at this mall and I've never seen anyone on the train. But, I'm starting to get a little freaked out about the flu and I think I'll keep the girls in for quite a while!
Hannah and Alice Anne both LOVED the train ride!! Hannah thought that we were going to be at home when the train stopped and was confused when we ended up right where we started.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crawling Update

Alice Anne is getting faster and faster everyday!! She discovered the stairs today! We have all gotten used to not closing the child gates because Hannah is totally fine on the stairs. But we're going to have to get back in the habit real FAST!! So funny, though...she was totally scoping the gate out trying to figure out how to open it!

And my OCD self is going to have to totally chill! Alice Anne LOVES to go over to the toy cabinet in the den and throw ALL of the books out on the floor, then go knock over the basket with baby toys in it and then head over to a little basket that has some of Hannah's favorite toys in it and knock it over. Yes, I have been following her around and picking up as she pulls out. It makes me crazy!! And the funny thing is that I think I'm turning Hannah into a mini me...this afternoon as Alice Anne was throwing all the books out, Hannah was saying, "Alice Anne, only 2 books at a time" because that's what I tell her to keep her from getting 50 books out to read at once. Oh, and tonight when we were sitting at the dinner table, Hannah glanced over and saw a tiny yellow ball in a toy basket in the den and yelled, "MOMMY, that ball doesn't go goes in the playroom!" She proceeded to stop eating her dinner, get down from her chair, go get the ball out of the basket, take it upstairs and put it in it's proper place in the playroom and come back downstairs and sit back down in her chair. She looked so proud of herself. OMG...I've got to settle down before I turn my girls into clean freak monsters!!!

Look at the mess behind these sweet girls!

How big is Alice Anne? SOOO Big!!!

Getting Better

After going to bed at 5:55 last night, Hannah woke up SO much better this morning. She woke up HUNGRY...understandably, since she hardly ate anything all day yesterday. She was ready to play and her fever was gone!!! Yeah!! We still had a few complaints of a tummy ache, not much eating and some unexplained crying spells, but we're getting there and we're probably 80% back to her always happy self!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Watching the rain out the window
The cutest little cheeks I've ever seen!

Hannah playing a song for Alice Anne

Alice Anne helping Hannah with her puzzle

Hannah working her "Lady"

So Sick

Sweet Hannah woke up from her nap yesterday complaining that her tummy hurt. As the afternoon progressed, she began shaking and got a fever. It breaks my heart to see either one of my girls sick and I don't know which one is worse...the baby that's sick and can't tell you where she hurts or the 2 year old that's able to tell how bad she really feels. Even when she's sick, Hannah is still so sweet and never fails to use her manners. Every time I ask her if she wants juice, crackers, etc., her response is always a pitiful little "Yes Ma'am or No Ma'am" polite! Every time I ask her how her tummy feels she says, "Like Strawberries". Don't know where that came from, but it's really cute said in a little sick voice.

I hope you feel better real soon sweet girl!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Outside Again!

Another beautiful day to be outside! We met some friends at a restaurant at Northpark that opens up to the big courtyard. So, it was a perfect place for the rambunctious ones to run and play while we tried to eat. I'm sure the restaurant wasn't too pleased that we were there, thought!!

After nap, we were outside for the rest of the afternoon. The girls LOVE the little blow-up pool and they had fun playing outside in their swimsuits while I gave Wally a much needed bath!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ice Cream and Swimming Pool

Another pretty day in Dallas today. We went for ice cream after school and then we all put on our swimsuits this afternoon and played in the water!! SO fun!!! Better do it now before it gets too hot!!! I have to get some pics of Alice Anne in her swimsuit next time. Her big belly is just too cute!! And the little chunk LOVES ice cream!! Why am I surprised?!?

Crawling, Peek-A-Boo & Just Plain Sweetness!

My little baby girl is crawling!! She's not all over the place and into everything like Hannah was when she 1st started crawling. She is seriously so laid back I don't know if she'll ever be like that. If she sees something she wants, she'll slowly crawl over there to get it, but if it takes too much effort, it's just not worth it!!

Her favorite game is peek-a-boo. She loves it!! This morning Hannah was trying to teach her how to play the cup game and Alice Anne was trying to show Hannah how to play peek-a-boo with the cups. Too Cute!!!

Other than crawling and playing games, Alice Anne's main objective is to make people smile! She brings a smile to our face all the time and if this sweet little smile doesn't melt your heart then nothing will!!