Friday, June 18, 2010

Mommy Heartaches

We've been out at the pool every afternoon this week. I love it!! It's the only thing we can do outside in this heat, and the girls don't want to be inside, so we're at the pool. I love every part of it except I am starting to realize how mean little girls can be. I mean little girls that aren't even in kindergarten!! It seems like there are a million 5-year old girls at the pool. Well, I found out this week that 5 year olds don't like playing with 3 year olds. Maybe I'm a little too sensitive, but my heart has been broken so many times this week.

First it started on Tuesday with a little girl named Kennedy. Hannah and Kennedy played so well together at the pool for over an hour. Hannah even went and got a popsicle for Kennedy when she got one. Hannah was having so much fun...until Kennedy asked Hannah how old she was. Hannah proudly said, "I'm 3, how old are you?" Kennedy's response was, "I'm 5. If you're 3, I can't play with you. I can't play with 3 and 4 year olds. I can only play with big kids" Hannah is so sweet and innocently asked her why. Her response was, "because 3 year olds are babies." I think I took it much harder than Hannah. I told little Kennedy that that wasn't nice and told Hannah that we would go find someone else to play with. Poor little Hannah asked me the rest of the day why Kennedy didn't want to play with her anymore.

Yesterday we were at the pool and when it was time to leave, I told Hannah to gather up all her toys. There were some kids playing with some of her toys, so I told her to politely tell them that she was leaving and ask them if she could have her toys back. She did just the sweetest little voice, politely asked for her toys. There was one MOM that had one of Hannah's buckets and balls. Hannah did just as she was asked and sweetly asked for them and explained that she was leaving. The mom's response was, "It looks like you have PLENTY of toys already! I don't think you need anymore" I marched over there and explained to her that I sent Hannah over there to gather up her toys. I mean seriously, a MOM? She should be ashamed of herself!!! What happened to "thank you for letting us play with your toys?!?!"

Then today...Alice Anne didn't want to play and Hannah wanted a friend to play with. She is so brave...much braver than I was at her age. She saw a little girl with pink goggles on that was on the total opposite side of the pool and she asked me if she could swim over there to her. It took her several minutes to make it over there, but she made it and she asked the little girl if she wanted to play with her. The little girl's response, "how old are you?" I'm thinking...are you kidding me? "Hannah innocently answers, "3." The little girl said, "no" and swam off. Hannah cracked me up. As the little girl was swimming off, Hannah said, "Hey, pink goggles girl, why don't you want to play with me? Pink goggles girl, lets play!" No response. I told Hannah that we could find someone else to play with. We swam back to the steps and there was another little girl that Hannah saw. She sweetly asked her if she wanted to play and the girl said, "no, I already have a friend to play with." Hannah said, "but you can play with me too." I don't remember exactly what the girl said, but it wasn't nice and I had had enough of all these mean girls, so I jumped in and told her that she needed to talk nicer. Well, her mom overheard me and came over and made her apologize to Hannah and told me thank you for stepping in. She said, "I don't know what it is with these 5 year old girls, but a mean streak hits them and they are so nasty." Thank you!! I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees it. Surely my little angels won't be like that, right?? I certainly hope not!!

Sweet little Hannah asked me when we got in the car today why no one wanted to play with her. Holding back tears, I just said that they were all playing with their brothers and sisters and that sometimes little girls aren't very nice, but we have to teach them how to be nice. What else do you say to an innocent little girl. She looked over at Alice Anne and said, "Alice Anne, will you play with me next time?"

Just the beginning of many mommy heartaches!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Cuddle Bug

I really think that even the little ones can sense when mommy's about to lose it.
It was a LONG day and a really long afternoon! Hannah didn't nap, and...lets just say...she hasn't gotten a straight line one single day this week, which is very rare for her!
Brett left for a fishing trip tonight, I got the girls down and as soon as I walked downstairs, Alice Anne started crying. She never cries out after I put her down, so of course I ran up to see what was wrong. I opened the door and she stopped crying, looked at me, smiled and said, "more rock you." She knows how to melt my heart! I scooped her up and we rocked and rocked. Her head was buried in my chest and she clenched my hand ever so tightly as I stroked her hair. She stared in my eyes for the longest time as I sang to her and then her eyes closed. I continued to rock her for several minutes and I thought she was asleep until she opened her eyes, looked into my eyes, took her paci out and said, "I ruve you mama!" She put her paci back in, closed her eyes and she was out. It was perfect! What a fabulous ending to a never-ending day! I continued to rock her and I could have stayed there forever!! She knew that her mama needed that and she wanted to see me smile! Oh how I love that girl!! These are the moments I want to remember forever!
They got to wear their VBS t-shirts today and they have been so excited to wear them all week long!

If you've ever seen Alice Anne do "her dance," you'll laugh at this picture. She spins around in a circle and looks out the corner of her eye the whole time. It is the funniest thing you've ever seen!!

We had such a fun week at Vacation Bible School this week! Lane and I taught in Hannah and Milam's class and Molly and Wilson were in our class, too. It was so much fun!!! I love their little group of friends so much! I'm not sure who had more fun...Hannah or Alice Anne. They both LOVED it! We got to see Alice Anne in music and drama everyday. I honestly think Alice Anne thinks she's 3. It is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Hannah and Molly would stand up at the front and dance in music everyday and Alice Anne was right beside them "trying" to do all the hand motions. So cute!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When The Girls Are Away...

...a lot happens around here that's out of the norm!

1) I can do 2 loads of laundry, make the bed, empty the dishwasher, go to the grocery store, Costco, the cleaners and the bank...all by 11:00 a.m.

2) I can have a fresh manicure and pedicure that lasts more than one day!

3) ALL the laundry in the house is clean, folded and put away at all times

4) Both dogs get 2 baths in 4 days

5) Brett and I get to take our time eating dinner at nice restaurants...before 5:00!

6) All of the toys in the house are put away, organized and put in the proper place

7) When I crave Starbucks at 2:30 in the afternoon, I hop in my car and go get one

8) I don't hear "mommy..." 500 times a day.

9) My purse is as light as a feather!

10) The dogs search the house wondering where their little buddies are and wondering when they're going to come home and drop food on the floor for them!

11) The house is quiet...too quiet! Brett and I wouldn't know what to do with ourselves if this was the norm!

The girls went to Graham this week and they had a blast! It was a nice little break for us, but I'm glad we have our 2 little munchkins back. Our lives wouldn't be complete without constant noise, messes and chaos!