Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dance Recital

Hannah had her 1st Dance Recital today and we are so proud of her! She was so excited all weekend and she did awesome! She wasn't quite sure about the gloves during the dress rehearsal yesterday, but today she danced the whole time and the gloves didn't bother her one bit.
Alice Anne watched all of the dances in awe, loving it, and excited for her turn in a couple of years!

Getting Ready
Hannah LOVED getting to wear mommy's make-up

We got there early so we could get good seats. We stood in line for nearly 45 minutes in the 90 degree weather before they opened the doors. I'm so glad we was a mad house! And we ended up getting great seats right up front!!!

Flowers and Hugs from Daddy!!

Fun Weekend!

We had an eventful weekend with Hannah's Dance Recital! Hannah was WOUND UP all weekend and didn't get much sleep, so she should sleep good tonight!! Grandpop and Gigi came for the weekend and the girls had so much fun! Granny Phyla and Mickey came over on Saturday to visit, too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Waco Trip - #3 - The Mayborn Museum

Saturday we loaded all of the kids up and went to the Mayborn Museum. It was an amazing children's museum...even better than Dallas' Children's Museum! The kiddos (especially Hannah) had a blast and we could have spent all day there!! We'll definitely be back!

The tea party room was a big hit for this little Princess!!
She even got Papa and Baby Carter to put boa's on and have some tea.

Getting blown away on the "wind machine"
This was Alice Anne's way of playing with Carter. Poor little boy got tackled every time she came near him...and trust me, she could squash him!! He would crawl away as soon as he saw her coming. Poor little girl doesn't know any better since she has a big sister that tackles her all day long!!

Bounce House!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Waco Trip - #2 - The Pool

We spent a couple of afternoons out at Ridgewood and the kids loved the water...despite the fact that it was freezing!!!

Hannah wasn't quite sure about the big pool, she she and Papa went to the playground.

Jammy definitely had her hands full this weekend!!!

Alice Anne loved Carter's bubble machine!!

Waco Trip - #1

Since daddy and Uncle Taylor went to Utah to go fishing, the girls and I packed up and headed to Waco for Memorial Day Weekend. It was a fun filled weekend...and I have a ton of pictures so I'm going to have to split the posts up.
We started our weekend off at Kiddieland Friday morning with Jammy.

Hannah loved riding the train!
Then we headed over to Aunt Sarah's house for lunch with Granny!

Then to the park...

A visit from Granddaddy...

And then bath time for 3 dirty and tired kiddos!!

All of our clothes were over at Jammy and Papa's, but we ended up staying at Baby Carter's house, so Alice Anne had to borrow some of Carter's pj's. Hannah looked at Alice Anne and said, "Mommy, who is that?" She'd never seen her baby sister in blue pj's with trucks on them!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer is Officially Here

Today was Hannah's last day of school for the year. She has had THE BEST YEAR and has loved every second of her school experience! I can't say enough good things about Good Shepherd and about her teachers!

I have had mixed feelings about summer being here. On one hand, it's summer, and what isn't fun about summer? Last year I was huge pregnant and so busy with house stuff I don't feel like we really enjoyed our summer...but this year, we will definitely enjoy it. On the other hand, with summer here, that means that my little girl is one year older and a whole year has gone by. Oh, I don't want these girls to grow up!!

A cute little story...Yesterday on our way to dance class, we stopped by Starbucks to get gift cards for Hannah's teachers. Hannah asked what we were doing and I told her that we were getting a present for Ms. Carrie and Ms. Carol. She asked what we were getting them and I told her that we were getting them a gift card so they could go to the coffee shop and get coffee. She looked up at me and said, "Mommy, only get it for Ms. Carol. Ms. Carrie doesn't drink coffee, she drinks water. Only Ms. Carol drinks coffee." I thought surely Hannah doesn't know her teachers that well, right? I was so curious, so I asked her teachers this morning...yep, she was so right! Ms. Carol said she's totally addicted to coffee and Ms. Carrie drinks water all day! My girl is so observant!!

Ready for School!!!

She would not take the goofy sun visor off that they made at school!BFF's...Mary Alden and Hannah