Sunday, June 28, 2009

So Sweet!!

Are these not the SWEETEST pictures?!?! I just love them! I was in the kitchen cooking lunch after church and the girls were in the den loving on each other so I ran in and grabbed my camera. So glad I did!!
Another sweet thing...we were walking to the car after church and Hannah said so loud, "I love you soooo much mommy, daddy, and Allie Bally!!!" So Sweet!!! Melted my heart!

And a couple of pics from the fun water park on Saturday. Thanks for telling us about it, Ashley!! It was a huge hit!!!

Taking a break in the shade and munching on peaches and watermelon! Alice Anne loved her peach!!

Alice Anne and I had so much fun sitting and splashing in the waves while Hannah and daddy floated in the lazy river. Hannah LOVED the big water slide, too! She talked mommy into going down it with her...about 30 times!

They could have done this all day long!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

So Hot Outside

It has been ridiculously HOT outside this week, so we've stuck close to the house and stayed inside. The girls have been so good and have really played well together! They have entertained themselves by playing chase. Hannah rides around on the little car and Alice Anne crawls and chases her. They go around in circles through the kitchen into the den and back through the kitchen...they go forever and laugh hysterically!

This is where Alice Anne learned her rough play...they could do this all day long! They just roll around laughing!!

Hannah and I have been talking a lot about birds this week. We made a little bird feeder and made some hummingbird food to put out for the hummingbirds. Hannah loves looking out and watching for birds and she wants to go fill the birdbath up multiple times a day. She'll say, "Mommy, the birds are so hot and thirsty! Lets go give them some more water."

Little rug rat! I wish this picture showed how dirty she REALLY was!! She was the biggest mess I had ever seen!

This week Hannah has really been into her babies and pretend play. She is a really good little mommy! We had to pull out some leftover NB diapers b/c Hannah said since she was a mommy, she needed to learn how to change her babies diapers :) She wants her babies to go everywhere with her and she is very serious about taking care of them...especially when she doesn't want to eat what we're having for dinner!! She'll be sitting at the table and all of a sudden say, "Oh, my baby is crying. She's really hungry. I need to go get her!" As if her baby's going to come eat her food that she doesn't want!!!

She said her baby was sick and she needed to lay on the couch and cuddle with sweet!

This morning she was up on the kitchen counter with all of her little farm animals. I was just listening to her talk and play. She was talking to all her "little children" (aka the farm animals). She was the teacher and she was telling them that they were about to go out on the playground. She pulled up a measuring cup that was out on the counter and put the cow in the cup and said, "it's ok little children, cow is going to have a turn swinging and then you can have a turn." Cow was swinging in the measuring cup. Then she loaded all of the animals up in the "school bus" (aka the bucket) and said they were going to chick-fil-a! It is so fun to listen to her imagination go wild!!
Her other current obsession is cooking! She LOVES to help in the kitchen!! We have been using a lot of herbs from her garden in our cooking and she is so proud every time we sit down at the table. Last night we used thyme and parsley and she was so excited to tell daddy about getting the thyme and parsley out of the garden. She watched him very closely as he tasted it. We made cookies this morning and when we were getting the ingredients out she said, "come on, mommy, lets go get our herbs." I explained to her that we didn't need any herbs for cookies and she said, "it's ok...we'll just use rosemary and basil."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun in Graham!

We headed to Graham this past weekend to see Gigi and Grandpop. We haven't been there in WAY too long and it was nice to be back. Alice Anne got to see the big city of Graham for the 1st time and both girls had a blast! The boys went fishing and the girls played at the park and spent most of Sunday outside in the pool. It was a nice change for a couple of days just going to the quiet town without the city all around you!

Before daddy left to go fishing on Saturday he said that we had to go to Fireman's Park so Hannah could walk across the creaky bridge that has been there forever. Hannah has been talking about "Daddy's bridge" ever since...

Poor little Alice Anne was SO tired she was about to fall asleep in the swing!

Hannah showing off her park tricks
Cooking breakfast with Gigi.
Playing "red toy" with Webber.

Hannah probably gave this kitty 30 baths with water from the pool and the end of a spatula that she thought was soap.

Playing with shaving cream in the pool!!!
Alice Anne loved the water!!

Both girls couldn't get enough watermelon...Hannah was drinking the juice!

Eating watermelon in the pool

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day a day late!! We were in Graham all weekend, so we got to celebrate our daddy tonight! I’m so glad that Brett got to do one of his favorite things on Father’s Day with his dad…they had a day of fishing and it sounds like it was a big success! I want to thank a couple of pretty special dads in my life:

To Brett:
I knew a long time ago that Brett would be a fabulous daddy, but I never imagined he would be as good as he is. He really amazes me every day at how good he is with the girls and he just seems to get better and better. He loves his girls more that words can describe. He is totally devoted to doing what is best for his girls and he will do whatever it takes. I am so thankful that our girls have such a loving, affectionate, devoted, and patient daddy. He does more for us than anyone could ever ask for and he always does it with such a good attitude! He has such special bonds with both girls and he is so good about spending special one-on-one time with each of them. It is so evident how much Hannah and Alice Anne love and adore their daddy, and nothing makes me happier! Brett, thank you for being THE BEST Daddy that we ever could have imagined!!!

To My Dad:
Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for being the best dad I ever could have asked for. With 3 girls, my dad is the center of most jokes around our house, but he is a good sport and always just rolls his eyes and laughs right along with us. He loves his girls more than anything, and he would do anything for us. He is gracious, a man of integrity, a good listener, a big family man and a hard worker. Being a teenager of a child psychologist wasn't easy, and I never got away with a lie, but dad, you did good! He always taught me right from wrong. My girls adore him, and he is the best Papa we could ever have. I am so proud to be his daughter. I love you, dad!

To My Father-in-Law:
I am so thankful for my father-in-law. He taught my husband the important things in life and he taught him to do everything that he does to the best of his ability. He taught Brett how to be the dad that he is today and for that I am so thankful! He is honest, hard working, encouraging, and always leads by example. He is the best Grandpop and my girls are crazy about him! Happy Father’s Day, Danny! We love you!

I will have to come back and post pictures of Daddy and the one would cooperate with my picture taking tonight! But here's what the girls did for their daddy...
Our best shot at their hand and foot prints!

When you have 2 princesses as daughters, of course you're going to get a princess crown for Father's Day!!

I had to post this one because I think it's so funny that Alice Anne would still sit in her bumbo. This thing was put up a long time ago, but I had to figure out how she could help us make daddy's favorite strawberry cake and she was excited to help!

The finished product. Hannah was dying for Brett to come home ALL day so she could eat some cake!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun in Waco!

Hannah made it home and we're all trying to settle back into our routine. She had the time of her life in Waco!! It sounds like they stayed busy and they spent most of their time outside. Hannah loves playing in Papa and Jammy's backyard...and with their waterhose. I think she was soaking wet everytime she stepped foot outside! She loves playing in our old fort, too. She got to see Granny Nell and Granddaddy and she got in lots of playtime with Baby Carter!!

She loves splashing in the fountain!

Stopping for a drink out of the water hose.

They made yogurt popsicles and these are Hannah's new favorite obsession!

Swimming with Aunt Sarah and Baby Carter

She loves playing with Jammy's Little People Farm and Playhouse

Helping Papa blow up the little poolTime to say goodbye and go back to Dallas

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What It's Like To Be An Only Child

Alice Anne has missed her big sister dearly, but she is eating up all of the extra attention and we have had so much fun getting to play one-on-one with her this week! She's created some new games, picked up a few new "words", made us laugh hysterically over and over, she's gotten up early every morning for cuddle time in mommy and daddy's bed, and she's just been the happiest little girl that she always is! When she likes a game or something that we're doing we'll say, "Again?" and she has started saying, "aaah gee"...really cute, sometimes she'll say "mmmmm" when you ask her what a cow says and she tries to make a barking noise when asked what a dog says. She has LOVED getting extra story time this week. We have read so many books and I love it! Her favorite ones are the peek-a-boo books with flaps.

As much fun as we've had this week, our house just doesn't feel the same with out our Big Sister around. Alice Anne crawls into Hannah's room several times a day and just looks around, she smiles and kicks hysterically when she hears Hannah's voice on the phone, and she just stares at the empty seat next to her in the car.

Hannah's coming home this afternoon and I'm sure 2 sisters will give lots of hugs when they see each other!

She loves giving her baby hugs and kisses!

We put a lot of miles on this car!

Wally was Alice Anne's buddy this week!

Looking out the window while we wait for daddy to come home

He's HOME!!! Trying to kiss daddy through the window!

Her favorite seat in the house!

She LOVES her bath time!

Excited that she gets this basket of toys all to herself!

Hannah taught her this one...she says, "Aba" when she picks up her wand...for abra cadabra!

I love this pic! She's excited about our morning walk!