Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hannah had her 1st bicycle accident last night and it was bad!! She fell going down the Grabham's driveway and landed face first. Poor thing...she has a huge busted lip and a swollen nose and upper lip. Hannah and I were both covered in blood! This is so sweet...when we were doing her responsibility chart last night and got to "No Whining" she said, "I whined a lot today when I fell off my bike." Sweet girl...that doesn't count!!!
She asked me this morning if it she could tell Stella that she didn't like her driveway :) I felt so bad for her going into camp this morning...she was really self conscious and embarrassed about it. I told her to tell people that she got a boo boo because she's so big and knows how to ride a big girl bike. She said she did just that!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Growing Up Too Fast

Time just flies by and every time I turn around, our little girls are getting bigger and bigger. Hannah especially has really amazed me lately...she is just acting older and it makes me so proud, but at the same time, a little sad.
She has been begging us for a "big girl bicycle" for weeks. We told her that if she got a straight line every day for 2 weeks, she could go get one. I mean, I've never seen her try harder to get straight lines...and she did it!! So we all went out to get her big girl bicycle yesterday. She rode bikes around the store for over an hour, trying to decide which one she wanted, and she finally decided on "the one that went the fastest!" I was completely shocked that she didn't automatically pick the princess one!! She's really good at riding it. She rode bikes with Brett for an hour last night and she rode it all the way to the creek and back today (and it rained on us half of the way home). She asked me before bed tonight if I would let her ride her bike to the pool by herself tomorrow. Ummm, sorry're not that big!!
Alice Anne was excited to get Hannah's tricycle. Daddy lowered the seat for her and she's working on learning how to ride by herself. She calls it, "MY big biticle!" Hannah makes sure that Alice Anne knows that she is big and DOESN'T ride a tricycle of course, Alice Anne doesn't either ;)
I ran inside to get my camera and when I came out Hannah was "posing" next to her bike for me.
She has the cutest little figure I've ever seen on a tricycle!!!

Hannah teaching Alice Anne how to push the pedals

The girl's favorite book to read together is Brook Shield's "Welcome To Your World Baby." It is so sweet! They both have it memorized and they truly think that the book is about the 2 of them. They read it together all the time and I just hide where they can't see me and watch them!

Hannah trying to stall before going to bed tonight. She saw my camera, posed, and told me to take her picture!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Little Update

I haven't written much about what's been going on in a while...simply because we've been up to a whole lot of nothing. We're really enjoying our summer and we spend as much time as possible at the pool. We're there pretty much every day for at least a couple of hours. Hannah is a little fish! She LOVES to swim and she's getting really good at it. Her latest trick is me throwing her way up in the air and she lands with a big splash!! She's getting pretty brave! Alice Anne is a bit more cautious in the water and is content playing on the steps or swimming in my arms, but she loves every second of it. We've pretty much out grown the "baby pool." Hannah doesn't want to have anything to do with it, therefore, Alice Anne doesn't either.

Other big news...Hannah is officially out of nighttime pull-ups!!! She's had a dry pull up every morning for 2-3 weeks, so she's graduated to panties at bedtime! Let me tell you...she thinks she is SO big, and she really is. She is so sweet and thoughtful it just kills me and she gets bigger and bigger every day! She amazes me daily with the things that she says or does! Last weekend Brett was coloring with the girls. I heard him ask her, "where did you learn to subtract?" She said, "My mommy." He asked me when I taught her to subtract and I told him we've added and subtracted with Cheerios some, but not much other than that. He told me to come look at her paper. She had done a whole subtraction page out of a workbook by herself that had problems like "6-3" and then gave you 2 answers to choose from. She did 10 problems and circled the right answer on every one!! We were pretty proud :)

Ever since she's been in a big girl bed, the rules were that she couldn't get out of bed until she called our name and we came and got her. That worked great, but now she's "allowed" to get out of bed and come downstairs by herself when she wakes up, and she loves it. I love it to...she comes down with the biggest smile on her face and says, "Good Morning Mommy and Daddy! I slept so good. How did you sleep?" So sweet!

All these pictures were taken on my iPhone, so they're not very good.
Have you ever seen so many silly bands?!?! The girl is obsessed!

Patiently waiting in the splash park for me to get get Alice Anne all sunscreened up!!

Alice Anne is getting bigger every day and is talking up a storm! Some of the things that come out of her mouth amaze me! She says some of the funniest things. I can usually understand what she's saying and she gets very frustrated when I can't, but Hannah can always interpret. Her latest is, "5 more minutes, mommy." Hmmmm, wonder who she learned that from!! I can't believe she'll be 2 in a couple of weeks (sniff, sniff)!! She's definitely my little toot! She gives me a run for my money and I never know what kind of mood she's going to wake up in. We had a pretty rough couple of weeks and I couldn't figure out what in the world was wrong with her. I was so exhausted at the end of everyday, and my only conclusion was that she was just "off." I couldn't find any other reason for her acting out. This past Monday, she woke up and was a completely different child...the sweetest little thing ever! That lasted a couple of days and then yesterday afternoon and today she's been a mess! Every day when Brett gets home, he asks the girls if they were good girls today. Hannah's response is always, "Yes sir. So far so good on a straight line!" Alice Anne's response is always, "Nopse!" (with a naughty little grin on her face)! Brett and I are really starting to believe in the whole birth order theory. She has her little fits down, and has really gotten good at manipulating me into giving her her paci. She totally knows what she's doing and she's pretty good at it!!! She has this little laugh that kills me!! It is the sweetest and funniest little laugh I've ever heard and she laughs at everything!

Alice Anne's big news is that she's gone tee tee on the little potty twice today...and poop once!!! She flat out refuses to go on it for me, but she'll do it for Hannah! I hear Hannah in there saying, "Yeah Alice Anne!! You did it, you did it!! Great job!" Guess I'll have my 3-year old potty training her :)

She looks so big on this little potty! Her little bottom barely fits on it :)
Eating watermelon at the pool and doing her sweet laugh!

And THIS is one of her fits!! We were at the pool and she tried the sidewalk, but it was too hot, so she climbed up in the chair and threw herself back as best she could. I mean...seriously?!?!

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July

We had the best 4th of July! The Grandys had us out to their lake house and the kids (and adults) were in heaven all weekend! It was so relaxing, all the kids got along great, and the weather couldn't have been better! The Gerhausers came too, and Hannah and Ella were perfect playmates! They attempted to have their 1st "sleepover" that Hannah has been dreaming about for months, but I had to break-up the fun around 11:30 after 2 straight hours of giggling.

Saturday morning the kids were up bright and early, so we went on an early morning boat ride. We stopped to let the dads fish for a little bit and Alice Anne decided to take a little dip in the water. Yep, she fell overboard!! Morgan didn't miss a beat...she jumped in after her before any of us could even blink! It gave us all a big scare, but luckily, Alice Anne's life jacket was a good one! Hopefully it taught the girls a good lesson about how important those life jackets are!!

Alice Anne in her wet pajamas and Hannah happy that her sister is OK!

This is what she was doing when she fell in!
Fishing on the dock with daddy
Down by the pool, they have a great little beach by the man made lake. I've talked before about how Alice Anne freaks out when she gets dirty, and the sand was no exception. Her face was priceless when she stepped in the sand for the 1st time. She sat down, realized she was sitting in it, tried to pick her legs up and then froze!! We all got a really good laugh out of it!! It took her a while to be ok with the sand, and then she loved it!!
This picture says it all!!
Alice Anne and Bo had the best time digging in the sand

We called Brett and Richie Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum all weekend. I think the 2 of them had more fun than anyone!! They did a lot of this...
and this...(and a lot of other stuff not suitable for this blog ;)
Alice Anne LOVES her watermelon and she had fun teaching Ryan how to eat it!!
Having a little downtime with Leapfrog games and iphone games!!

Alice Anne wanted to hang with the big girls all weekend!! Yes, she truly thinks she's 3!!
I promise you...this sweet little face is up to no good!!!
Trying to get these babies clean! Yes, my little terror is filling that water bottle up as fast as she can and dumping it in her sisters face...over and over and over again!
Thank you Grandys for a fabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Swim Lessons

I'm so behind on blogging. Hannah completely stopped napping about 4 weeks ago and any free time that I had was thrown out the window. All those lost naps have really caught up with her in the whining department, so this week I put my foot down and she's taken great naps the past 2 days. Fingers crossed that this is the new norm!!

Hannah finished up her swim lessons a couple of weeks ago and she did an awesome job! I was amazed at how much she improved and how comfortable she now is in the water. She's jumping off the side of the pool and swimming to the steps. She loves the monkey walk, tummy and back float, and she's got her "paddle and kick" down! She jumped off the diving board at swimming lessons, but I haven't been able to get her to do it at our pool yet. We're so proud of her!!!
I LOVED her teachers...Mrs. Jessica and Ms. Hannah