Monday, March 29, 2010

Meet Ariel

Meet Ariel...the newest member of our family. Hannah had the honor of naming her and of course she's named after her favorite princess. She is the sweetest little thing, calm and such a cuddle bug. She doesn't really know what to think about all of the loud, constant activity around here. She was a little intimidated by Wally at first, but of course Wally was excited to have a 4-legged friend and I think they'll end up being big buds. Hannah and Alice Anne are obsessed with their little princess.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Funny Words From a 3 Year Old

Hannah says some of the funniest things and I always wish later that I could remember what she said that made me laugh so hard. I've written a couple of things down the past few days that I thought were really cute.

After letting Wally out to go to the bathroom and watching him go, she said, Mommy, why does Wally's bottom look like that? I'm glad I don't have a dog bottom.

We were all going to the mall last weekend and Brett was driving. Hannah said, "can I drive home and daddy can sit in my car seat?" I told her she had to wait until she was older to drive. She said, "when I turn 4 can I drive?" I told her she had to be 16 and she said, "But I'm really good at driving my Winnie the Pooh car!"

Hannah always wants to put my bras on. She asked me the other day if we could go to the mall and get her a bra. I told her she didn't need one. She said, "when will I need one?" And I told her when she got a lot older. She said, "mommy, will you get me a bra for my birthday when I turn 4?"

While we were driving down the street one day she said, "Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a stop sign!" I said, "I thought you wanted to be a kitty cat." (Because she told me last week she wanted to be a kitty cat.) She said, "I'll just be a red kitty cat that looks like a stop sign."

I overheard her telling Alice Anne yesterday morning, "Sister, if you obey me all day, I'll pick you first for red rover." Alice Anne's reply, "OK!" I heard her telling Alice Anne several times throughout the day, "Remember to obey me, sister, so I'll pick you first." This is so funny to me, because the only people she plays red rover with are me and Alice Anne and she ALWAYS picks Alice Anne first.

"Mommy, why does Wally wear pigtails on his ears every day? Why doesn't he ever wear a ponytail or bow?" Guess she thinks his floppy ears are pigtails!!

While we were driving down the highway this morning, Hannah looked out her window and saw a convertible. Hysterically laughing, she said, "Look at that broken car! I can't believe that man is driving a broken car. He needs to get that fixed!"

Yesterday we were playing "school" and Hannah was the teacher. She told me to do something and I said just a second. She said, "Mommy, this is your warning or your not going to get your obeying circle." She looked at Alice Anne and said, "Sister, she's not obeying. We don't do that."

Funny girl! They both make me laugh all the time!!

Terrible picture, but this is how Hannah insisted on going to Dance Tuesday...all decked out with 3 necklaces, a bracelet, a ring and dangle earrings!! She was so proud as she walked into her class, like she was a beauty queen or something ;)

Daddy's Girls

Daddy has this girl thing figured out...princesses, dress-up, fingernail polish, jewelry, and all the other things that go along with having a house full of girls. He's such a good daddy and the girls adore their time with them. This past weekend was cold and wet, so we spent a lot of time inside, except for Sunday morning when we woke up to 3" of snow!! The girls were beyond excited and they couldn't get out there fast enough. Last week, Brett told Hannah that if she got a straight line every day that week, he would take her ice skating. She worked really hard and did it, so we headed to the ice skating rink Friday night. She loved it!!
Hannah was intensely watching the skaters trying to figure out how to do it.

Alice Anne showing me how to ice skate

I LOVE this picture! This is how she is with Brett all the time!!

Brett and Hannah making bracelets

Hugs for daddy!
Skipping nap and watching 'Princess and the Frog'
This is what they do every morning...sit on the island and eat scrambled eggs and cheese.
Tickling Daddy

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break Fun

It has been absolutely gorgeous this week and we've spent every minute possible outside. The girls have had so much fun together and it's been a good week for Spring Break since we've all been wanting to sleep in after the time change.

I think this picture is so sweet!
Early morning ride in the golfcart

Decorating Easter Eggs

We've done a lot of work in our garden

The girls had so much fun playing in Will and Hank's backyard today!
I think this picture is hilarious!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Is Almost Here!

I've been awful about blogging...and I really don't have anything to say, but thought I'd put some pictures of the girls on here. They are both SO into dressing-up and playing with their baby dolls and they've been playing so well together!
Our Spring Break is next week and we have no plans...ugh!! Hope it's pretty outside so it won't be a long week in the house!
Hannah is pretty proud of her busted lip...she's told everyone and anyone that will listen about it and she wanted me to take a picture of it :)

She's been working hard in her garden preparing it for spring

Hannah "delivering her baby"

Dr. Hannah checking her baby that was just born. She looked at me and said, "don't worry, she's a girl!"

Whatever big sister does, little sister does. So, Dr. Alice Anne is checking her baby, too.

Taking a break for a snack

She insists on climbing up the slides!

Alice Anne's first pedicure. She is so proud of it!! She walked around for 2 hours after we painted them saying, "rook...pepoo." And she did not want the pink like Hannah, she wanted mommy's color!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Early Morning Dance Party

I really have nothing interesting to blog about...nothing! Our lives have been pretty boring and I haven't had my camera out in forever. But this morning the girls were up early, early and the first thing Hannah wanted to do was to dress-up like a princess and go to "The Royal Ball!" We dressed up and Hannah took it upon herself to put make-up all over her face, and they danced and danced. Hannah REALLY wanted to wear her princess shoes to school and she was not happy when I scrubbed her face to get the make-up off.
Trying to figure out what's packed for lunch
Have I said before how much I LOVE the girl's school? I love it!!! Their teachers are amazing and they make me feel so good every time I drop them off. Alice Anne literally can't get out of my arms and into Ms. Whitney's arms fast enough and once Ms. Whitney is holding her, Alice Anne gives her the biggest bear hug you've ever seen. Her teachers are truly so happy to see her every morning and that makes me feel so good! They literally go on and on every day about how Alice Anne is "the perfect child." Feels good to know that she doesn't throw those fits when I'm not around!!
Hannah LOVES her teachers, too! She can't wait for Mondays and Wednesdays to roll around and she tells me every little detail about the day after school. Her favorite part of the day is when she leaves music and Alice Anne is coming into music class. She said she sees her in the hall and gives her a big hug and kiss. Hannah's teachers say that it is the sweetest thing!! So wish I could be a fly on the wall for just one fun would that be!!!