Thursday, April 29, 2010

Perfect Kite Weather

It has been WINDY here!!! Not good for our allergies, but perfect for flying a kite! Last weekend we took the girls to Benton and Kristin's lake for a little fishing and kite flying. The girls loved it and they thought it was hilarious when the kite would come crashing down.

I think Hannah looks so old in this picture :(
Watching the kite way up in the sky
Bally got all tangled up in the kite string!

We also had a major tragedy last weekend. Let me preface it by saying this...Hannah is VERY into her baby dolls and there are 2 that she is especially attached to (Baby Molly and Baby Kristin). I really think that she thinks they are real babies sometimes. She's very serious about taking care of them and being a good mommy. When she goes to school, she always asks me to take care of them when she's gone and always asks me when I pick her up if her babies cried, if I fed them, etc.
Saturday night she went to put her babies to bed and she couldn't find them...anywhere! We tore the house apart looking for them. Searched both cars, searched golf carts, called every place that we had been the last 3 days (even though she said she had them Saturday morning), called friends we had been with, searched the front and backyard...they were gone! It drove me crazy that I couldn't figure out where they were and Hannah was devastated...seriously, crying so hard, worried that they were lost and that whoever found them wouldn't know that they had to hold their hand when they crossed the street, etc. For 3 days, that's all we heard about...her lost babies...literally ALL. DAY. LONG!!!
Yesterday morning I got the girls up and I was changing Alice Anne's diaper. Hannah was standing next to me talking away and literally mid-sentence, she stopped, gasped, and said, "MOMMY!!! I know where my babies are!! I'll be right back!" She ran in the playroom and a few seconds later I heard her screaming like she had won the lottery or something! She ran back into Alice Anne's room with both Molly and Kristin! Of course I was so excited, too, and I asked her where she found them. She laughed and said, "I forgot that I put them down for a nap in the chimney of my playhouse." Yes, she climbed up on the back of her chair and put them in the chimney so the wouldn't be disturbed. Never would have thought to look in the chimney for babies! So relieved those babies are back!!
Giving Baby Molly a big hug!
The girls got a little playhouse last weekend. They LOVE it! We're planning on spending lots of time in it now that the weather is so nice!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


We spent Friday afternoon down at the creek. Daddy always does the golf cart rides and I never drive it around, but when I asked the girls after nap what they wanted to do, they said they wanted to ride the golf cart to see the ducks at the creek. Hannah thought she was pretty big, because I acted like I didn't know how to drive the golf cart, so she showed me what to do...step by step. The ducks weren't there and Hannah was so concerned about where they were. She was convinced that they had gone to Jammy and Papa's creek. She was very serious about it and as soon as we got home she called Jammy and Papa and asked them to go look at their creek to see if her ducks were there. Saturday morning we woke up and the first thing she said was, "I need to call Jammy and Papa and see if they found my ducks!" The girl never forgets anything!!
I haven't had my camera out since Easter, so I took full advantage of the pretty day down at the was a perfect day for pictures...and you know I can't narrow them down, so there are a lot!
They LOVE the dandelions

This cracks me up and it perfectly describes Alice Anne's personality. She LOVES her big sister and wants to do everything that she does! Whatever Hannah does, Alice Anne's 2 steps behind her doing it too. Hannah found this big stick and said, "mommy, look at this big, huge stick!" It was probably 5 feet long!
Alice Anne looked down on the ground, picked up the first stick she saw and said in the proudest voice, "Mommy, rook, huge tick!" Her stick couldn't have been any bigger than her little finger, but in her eyes, it was 5 feet long and just as big as Hannah's!

I love these because it shows how happy and carefree they are! So excited to have found a flower to take home to daddy!
And little sister's right behind her!
Love this sweet smile!
And this sweet little face
Hannah has NO fear! I looked over and she was yelling, "Look at me...I'm a monkey!"

I LOVE these next 3 pictures! And the thing I love about them is that I didn't ask them to do this at all, this is just how they play! They're best friends!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had such a fun Easter weekend with family and friends. Gigi, Grandpop and Aunt Bekah came on Friday to spend some time with us before they headed to Waco. Then Saturday morning we went to a fun Easter Egg Hunt at the Olson's house and then headed home and Jammy and Papa and the Starrs came. Aunt Mary, we missed you!! Hannah talked about all of her plans for Easter "when all of my grandparents are here" for weeks!!

Dying Easter Eggs with Aerial

Gigi, Grandpop, Aunt Bekah, and their girls. Alice Anne had had enough of the picture taking!!

This picture perfectly describes Hannah's Easter Egg hunting strategy...she ONLY got the pink, purple and orange eggs, or "pretty colors" as she calls them. She walked right past all the other eggs as if they weren't even there!!

After all the eggs had been hunted, everyone was running around playing, but Hannah was no where to be found. I finally found her far away from everyone else, under the gazebo, eating all her candy. She had no idea I was watching her and taking her picture.

Hannah had 2 big plans for dress-up like a "beautiful princess" for everyone, and to play red rover. She slipped upstairs after nap on Saturday and when she came back down, this is what she had on!!! She was so proud of her outfit and she was ready for everyone to go outside and play red rover. I think the day lived up to her expectations :)

Carter running (after putting a flower on his head), when his name was called during red rover

This picture probably isn't funny to anyone but me and Sarah because we saw the pure panic on Alice Anne's face. She accidentally stepped into the middle of this pile of dirt and once she realized that she was standing in dirt, she completely froze and looked at us with the most terrified look on her face. She wouldn't move. After we got a good laugh in, Sarah had to go "rescue" her from the dirt.

I love this picture!! Sweet cousins trying to get a rolly polly

Family Pic after church

Jammy, Papa and their kiddos

The Easter Bunny came while they were napping and they couldn't get out there fast enough to hunt some more eggs!

Here she goes again!! We literally put ONE skittle or smarty in each egg, but we had 3 golden eggs, so we put real candy in those. This golden egg had a HUGE coke gummy in it. Hannah opened it up, realized that neither the egg or the candy inside it was a pretty color, closed it back up and put it back in the grass for someone else. Funny Girl!

Picking up the reject eggs :)

Those baskets get heavy pretty fast!

This was so funny! I have no idea how this egg got on her shoulder, but I felt like I was watching a slow motion movie. She tried for the longest time to figure out 1) what was on her shoulder and then 2) how to get that egg off her shoulder without putting the 2 eggs down that she was holding.

Counting ALL their eggs!