Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nothing New

Don't have anything new to say...just thought I'd post a couple of pictures of the 2 sweetest girls I know.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When you're little, you LIVE for snow days...and they're hard to come by in Texas. Well, Hannah had her 1st official snow day today, and I didn't even want to tell her b/c she LOVES school so much, I didn't want to remind her that she was supposed to go to school today. She was preoccupied this morning, anyway, because Jammy, Papa and Mary were snowed in, too, and stuck in Dallas. Lucky for us!!!

After they left, though, it was a LONG day inside, considering we've been stuck inside all week!! So, back to the kitchen we went, for some more baking. Really, the girls and I have had a lot of fun, but we're ready for a little outing...outside!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Hannah was really upset this morning when we dropped daddy off at the airport. She knew he was going to be gone for a few days and she didn't want him to go. When she came home from school today, she said she wanted to go to the airport and get on the airplane with daddy and go to "ouston." Since that wasn't possible, we made a pretend airplane and pretended to fly to Houston with daddy. It pleased her for the time being...

Making cookies this afternoon...we're getting cabin fever pretty bad!!!

Cold Again!!!

We were spoiled for a couple of days last week with beautiful weather!!! We took advantage of it and were outside as much as possible. But, Saturday, the cold weather returned and that meant a weekend inside...except for a couple of short visits to the park for Hannah and daddy.

Nothing exciting has been happening around here. Hannah's new thing is helping with everything!!! It's so much fun...she wants to help clean, do laundry, feed Wally, put Alice Anne down for her nap, cook, and anything else that Brett or I are doing. Her favorite is cooking!! She LOVES it! She loves setting the table and telling everyone to come eat. She says very loudly, "It's supper time everyone!" She's so funny...she sits in her chair and watches everyone eat their food, as if she's watching their expression to see if they like what "she's made." Hilarious!!

Alice Anne is starting to feel better. She's been very congested for the past week. I'm hoping that her not feeling good is contributing to her not wanting to eat. She only drinks 15 oz. a day and 1-2 servings of baby food, and I'm forcing that sometimes. I just don't get it. I'm trying to give her more, but she simply won't eat more. We go to the dr. next week for a check-up, so we'll discuss it more then. She is extremely happy, of course, and laughs anytime Hannah is around. She sat in a highchair for the 1st time at Mi Cocina last night. I ended up holding her most of the time, because she was a little wobbly, but she liked it, and I couldn't keep her from eating the table.

It was so cold outside on Saturday, we had to take a wagon ride inside.

Alice Anne and Wally getting some tummy time.

A couple of pictures before church.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

San Diego

Brett and I took a little trip to San Diego last week with Sarah and Taylor. The weather was absolutely beautiful!!! We had a blast and had some fabulous sushi!! We stayed at a really nice condo on the beach and had fun relaxing on the beach! Oh, and the San Diego zoo is amazing!!

It was nice to get a little break, but we're always ready to get home and see our girls! Hannah and Alice Anne stayed at home with Gigi and Great Granny and had a great time. Hannah waited up for us on Sunday and was so excited to see us. Brett and I both went up to get Alice Anne up Monday morning and she was so cute. She looked up and saw both of us and laughed so hard and started kicking. Despite not feeling good, she kept the biggest smile on her face all morning...So sweet!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LOVE Days Like Today!!!

Hannah is always sweet, but on the days that she's EXTRA sweet, I just love it! She came home from school today in the best mood!! I always dread taking her to the grocery store with me, but I had to go in after school and get a couple of things. She was perfect! She, of course, got a treat when we got home for being so sweet. And, my favorite is when she says "I love you, Mommy!" She said it probably 30 times today. And then she would proceed to tell Alice Anne that she loved her and then she would say, "I call daddy and say I love you!!" SO sweet!! I love you, too, sweet girl!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I know I've said many times before how evident it is already that my girls love each other so much. I just think it is so cute when they "play" together. They make each other laugh and it's so sweet! Today, Hannah was playing dress-up with Alice Anne and they both had so much fun! I know it's only the beginning, and I can't wait to see them grow closer together. A sister's bond is so special!!!

Yes, Alice Anne is ALWAYS this happy!!!! Love her smile and her sweet little tongue!

Hannah loves being in the kitchen! She wants to help me cook dinner every night and wants to know the names of all of the kitchen "tools". We made cupcakes today and she had a lot of fun! She's not like most 2 year olds, though...she doesn't want to lick the batter or the icing! What's wrong with the little girl!!!!!

Alice Anne has discovered her feet and she loves playing with them...she loves bathtime, too!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lets Catch Up

It's been crazy around here since Christmas...with what, I don't know, but we're settling into our routine again. I dusted off my camera before church yesterday and pulled it back out again today for some shots of the girls.

Hannah spent a week in Waco at my parent's house after Christmas. She loves Jammy and Papa and always looks forward to her trips to Waco!! Needless to say, she was used to getting 110% of everyone's attention, and had a hard time adjusting to not being an only child when she came home. So, last week, most of my time was spent trying to get Hannah back in line...and we spent a lot more time than usual in timeout. But, I'm happy to say that we're back on track and haven't had to use timeout in a few days :) Hannah was so excited to start back to school and dance last week. I'm beginning to realize that routine is GOOD...for my sanity!!

Alice Anne becomes more active and fun everyday! She LOVES her big sister and just looks at her and smiles! It was so cute to see how excited they both were to see each other when we picked Hannah up in Waco. They were both full of smiles! Alice Anne was diagnosed with acid reflux a couple of weeks ago and the medicine is making a huge difference...SO glad we got it figured out!

Brett and I are going to take a long weekend trip this weekend. Gigi and Great Granny are coming to stay with the girls. Hannah is So excited!! So much for that routine, huh??

Here are a few pics of my 2 sweet peas...

Alice Anne's Baptism

Yesterday was Alice Anne's Baptism at church. She had so many family and friends there to support her. Although she will not confirm the vows made yesterday until she is older and can understand, Brett and I vowed to raise her in a Christian home and set Christ-like examples for her throughout our life. Big sister was a part of it, too, and wasn't sure what to think of Mark Craig when he took Alice Anne and held her. She is very protective of her baby sister!!! We had everyone over to our house for lunch afterward. It was a fun and special day.

And afterwards at our house...

Papa and Alice Anne

Baby Carter and Alice Anne