Friday, May 28, 2010

School's Out For Summer!

We've been singing the song "School's Out For Summer..." for the past week! Wed. night when they sang the song on American Idol, Hannah stood up and started dancing! And, by the way, I am SO excited that Lee WON!!!
So, school's out and we've had a good first week of summer! We spent pretty much every second of it outside!

This blue pool was the best $10 ever spent!!!

My kitchen is spotless, because we've eaten as many meals and snacks as possible outside.
I had a great idea to let the girls do finger paint yesterday. Ummmm, it was pretty much the biggest mess I've ever seen!!!

We met some friends at the zoo one day and Hannah and Molly got a camel ride...and the camel's name was Jewel! We couldn't have asked for a better name for these 2 princesses!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dance Recital

We have practiced for this recital for MONTHS!!! Hannah has been so excited for her recital and has literally shown anyone and everyone that will watch her her dance routine. Alice Anne knew every move and could have been up on stage doing it with her if they would have let her :) The day did not disappoint and they performed the theme song from Princess and the Frog.
Saturday was spent at rehearsal and Hannah begged us to not make her go to bed Saturday night, thinking that if she didn't go to bed, recital time would be here sooner. She did so good and was really into the dance. We could only video the rehearsal, but I think the real performance was her best one yet!! They had the recital at the Majestic Theater downtown and they really put on a good show! Hannah was especially excited that Gigi and Grandpop got to come for her big day! I'm going to steal Dawn's video of the rehearsal that she posted on YouTube. You can view it here:
Hannah's on the far left in the video.

Hannah and Mary Aldon

Hugs and Flowers from Daddy! He was so proud of his little girl!

Alice Anne LOVED watching all the dancers!

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Make-Up Day"

Last Tuesday, Alice Anne had a make-up day at school, for a day that they had to cancel her class the week before. Hannah was so confused when I told her that Alice Anne was going to have a make-up day at school. She wanted to know why she wasn't wearing make-up to school and then when we picked her up, she wanted to know why she didn't have any make-up on. Funny girl!!
Hannah and I rarely get to have a "mommy and me" day, so I was excited to let her decide what she wanted to do on our day. I gave her several options of things we could do and of course she picked "dress-up and tea party." I found the cutest little place and it really was everything that a 3-year old little girl could dream of! It was a frilly little girls shop that had a tea room in the back with walls FULL of dress-up clothes. We walked back there and I thought she was going to start drooling...she was in heaven! Pink walls filled with dress-up clothes, make-up and cupcakes...what more could she ask for!!! We had so much fun together we lost track of time...we were there for almost 3 hours! I will remember that fun day for a LONG time and I hope she will too!!!

She couldn't get enough make-up on her face!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

What Month Is It Anyway?

Where in the world has time gone? Is it really the middle of May? I'm still stuck in March and am having a hard time believing that next week is the last week of school for the year! Does that mean that my babies are a year older?...sniff...sniff!!! I lost track of time (imagine that) and forgot that bluebonnets aren't around forever, but I managed to find a small patch of bluebonnets last Monday, so at least I could snap a couple of pictures of the girls in them...

We had a fun and relaxing Mother's Day and did what I've been waiting ALL YEAR to do (not!!)...yep...I got to go to the carnival! Hannah has been eyeing the carnival across from Target forever and begging us to take her, and of course it was right up Brett's ally, so he gave in really fast!! It wasn't that bad, but it was pretty gross and I had to hide myself and the girls from the nasty carnies, squirt germ-x in every one's hands every 2 seconds, but Hannah had a ball and Alice Anne has never clinged so hard to my hip. She literally would not put her feet on the ground. She did not know what to think. Every time Hannah was on a ride, she repeated over and over in the sweetest, most terrified voice, "Hannah off now!" Hannah rode on her first actual roller coaster that I think I would have even been scared of, but she got off of it laughing. She did admit that it was really fast and pretty scary, but she still laughed...a girl after her daddy's own heart!! The carnival reminded me of going to Abilene to stay with my grandparents when I was little. Daddymoore used to always take us to the carnival and we would get wrist bands so we could ride as many rides as we wanted. We would stay until it closed and ride rides until we were literally throwing up. I told Hannah that Daddymoore would have had so much fun taking her to the carnival!
Our skeptical little girl...
Our daring little girl...
Me and My Girls!!

Weekend before last, the girls went to Waco and had a blast!!! Hannah's bag was packed and by the backdoor by 8:30 in the morning (and she "packed" Alice Anne's, too)...we weren't leaving until 4:00 that afternoon-made for a LONG day and I'm sure I heard, "when are we going to Waco" at LEAST 500 times!