Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Definitely Sisters

People have been telling me more and more lately that the girls look SO much alike! I even had someone ask me a couple of weeks ago if they were twins...seriously? We were at a restaurant and one was in a highchair and one in a booster...could he not see the age difference? What do you think?? I can't figure out how to put the pics side by side.
Alice Anne @ 18 1/2 months and Hannah @ 24 months.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alice Anne Is 18 Months

I'm a little behind on Alice Anne's 18 month post. She had her check-up last week and did great. Dr. Moore said she looked fabulous! She's growing like a weed and her vocabulary gets bigger and bigger every day. She's really started talking a lot the last week or two. Her favorite things to say right now are, "Mamma, rook" (look). She brings something to me about every 30 seconds and proudly tells me to look. She also loves it when I ask her to go get something or go do something...she proudly marches back over to me and says, "I didid" or "I godid" (I did it and I got it). I love listening to her talk!! I love hearing her call me. She says, "Moooooommy, R U?" She LOVES to give huge bear hugs and loves to say, "I Yu You." She knows all of her body parts, sounds that all the animals make, and LOVES playing in her shoe drawer. She could literally sit at her shoe drawer for 45 minutes and just try on all her shoes.
She has cut all of her molar teeth (painful for all of us) and she's working on 3 of her canine teeth right now (not AS painful, but we have definitely had some bad days)! When she's not cutting teeth, she is the sweetest, happiest little girl you'll ever meet. Also, when she's not cutting teeth, she ADORES Hannah!! I mean seriously adores her!!! She follows her around everywhere, does everything Hannah does and says everything Hannah says. They play so well together! Alice Anne also loves Hannah friends!! She gets so excited to see them and she truly thinks she is just as big as they are!
Her 2 "chores" are to put her clothes in the dirty clothes and to put her shoes in her shoe drawer when we get home. She LOVES doing these two things and is so proud of herself afterwards.
She's a great eater and will eat most anything. Unfortunately, big sister is rubbing off on her in the green vegetable department, but we're working on that.
She loves school and her teachers say she is the sweetest little angel...we couldn't agree more!!

Here are her 18 month stats:
Weight: 27.8 lbs (85%)
Height: 34" (above 95%)
Head: 18 3/4" (80%)

She LOVES wearing headbands and always walks in wearing random headbands!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Daddy Date Night

Hannah and Mary Aldon had a special date with their daddy's Saturday night. Hannah was beyond excited when she came home with a red rose and a box of candy from her daddy. It was really sweet...they went to Royal Oaks and had a candle lit dinner. Hannah and daddy made up a "date night song" that they told me was a secret and I couldn't convince them to sing it to me. They're looking forward to taking Alice Anne along on their date next year...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day With Daddy

The girls just thought the snow was fun on Thursday...until daddy got to stay home on Friday and show them how to really play in the snow!! They were both so excited to wake up Friday morning to more snow! We had nearly a foot of snow...unheard of around here, and Hannah took advantage of every minute of it! Hannah was ready to head outside the second she woke up. They took a golf cart ride around the neighborhood to scope out all the damage done to the trees and then they headed home to build a snowman. I've said it before, but Brett doesn't do anything halfway...and their snowman was no exception! They made a 6 foot tall princess snowman and Hannah named him "Snowman Beauty!"

Heading out to assess the damage

This is what they found...our street was a MESS! Trees were all over the street!

Alice Anne warmed-up to the snow a little bit. She thought the bags over her feet were pretty funny!!

"Ice Skating"

Showing Alice Anne how to eat snowballs

Getting started on the snowman

Super DADDY!!!

I think this is so funny...mommy's little 2 foot snowman next to daddy's giant snowman!
"Snowman Beauty" complete with a boa, princess wands for the arms, necklaces and a hat!

I think these next two pictures are hilarious! I took these pictures through the window. I was watching Hannah and I thought she was feeling sorry for our pathetic little snowman...my sensitive girl, right...

...so wrong! When I saw this, I realized she was digging for the lollipop that he had in his mouth, so she could put it in hers ;)

Enjoying the snow ice cream they made. We made 3 different flavors...vanilla, strawberry and raspberry! YUMMY!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dallas Blizzard

We woke up to snow this morning...lots of snow...and it hasn't stopped all day!! When I went upstairs to get Hannah up, I told her I had a surprise for her outside. I opened her shutters and the look of excitement on her face was priceless! Alice Anne was almost as amazed as Hannah. Hannah has been talking about how beautiful she thinks the snow is and Alice Anne has walked around all day pointing outside and saying, "Buful Snow...soooo buful!" So cute! They seriously could not WAIT to get out of their pj's and bundle up to play in the snow. It took us forever to get everyone bundled up and Alice Anne lasted all of about 4 minutes. She was not digging the coat, hat and mittens. So when she went down for her little morning "rest," Hannah and I headed back out to build a snowman. Hannah was really disappointed that daddy couldn't play in the snow with her, but I hope I did an ok job playing "daddy!"

I think this picture is so cute. I'm pretty sure Hannah's telling Alice Anne that they're going to make snowballs and throw them on mommy.

She couldn't have been any happier!!
Cracking herself up as she sings a song she made-up about Mr. Snowman!
Snowman #1

After naps we headed back out...I was hoping Alice Anne might like it a little more, but this time she was not ok with snow getting on her shoes! She kept saying, "NO snow soes!" Poor little thing. So, we got Stella over to play in the snow with Hannah. Alice Anne was perfectly happy inside with me, watching them out the window.

What a pathetic little face!

She seriously couldn't get enough snowballs!

Snowman #2

His face slowly disappeared as Alice Anne ate the candy off ;)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What a FUN Day!!

Yesterday we woke up and hit the ground running! I felt like I didn't have a chance to breathe all day! The girls had so much fun that Alice Anne decided to just nap for 30 minutes and scream loud enough to wake her sister up so that they could go have some more fun!

We ate a quick breakfast, ran some errands and went to dance class. After dance class, we went straight to the American Girl store to have a special lunch for Mary Aldon's birthday. There's no running into American Girl for lunch...you have to stop and look at every single doll and accessory while you're there, so it took a while! We attempted to come home and take a quick nap, but weren't very successful. I think the girls were too excited about their big Valentine's Party at Molly's house! Molly and Ashley hosted the cutest Valentine's party for our play group! All the kids brought Valentine's for each other and I have literally never seen Hannah so excited! Ashley had little mailboxes for each kid and they all got to put their valentine's in them. You would have thought Hannah's had a million dollars in it. She could hardly wait to see what was in her box!!
Thank you Dawn, for such a fun lunch and Ashley, for a fabulous party!!
The fun continued today with a Valentine's Party at school and then playing over at Daisey's house. The girls are going to be pretty disappointed tomorrow when all we get to do is go visit Dr. Moore's office for Alice Anne's check-up.
Hannah was begging me to get this doll for her! Her name is "Julie" and she says she wants it because Julie is Jammy's name! We don't always dress like this...we just came from dance ;)
The 3 girls drinking some YUMMY pink lemonade!
Hannah LOVES this place!
All the kiddos digging into their cupcakes at the party
She was in HEAVEN eating an entire cupcake!!
Getting a sneak peek at her loot!
...and another peek
Alice Anne is so funny when she's around the big kids! I think she truly thinks she's as big as they are!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Thank you Taylor for having something every night last week!! Sarah and Carter didn't want to be by themselves every night, so they came to Dallas to play...and we had so much fun! The girls adore their cousin and they all played together so well! It was a much needed break after our string of sicknesses around here! Carter always has to put up with a lot of girlie play, but doesn't seem to mind too much. I think a jewelry box full of necklaces is going to be the next gift he gets from the Belf girls...he loved it...Sorry, Taylor ;)
Chasing each other up the stairs!
Apparently if you have a boy, you have to play outside even if it's -20 degrees! Carter didn't bring a hat, so he got the fluffy pink hat!
Carter is so funny! He calls Alice Anne "AA." We don't call her that, so I have no idea where he came up with it. He calls Hannah "Haya," me "Aunt Mmmmm" and Brett's is the funniest..."Uncle Be" but he says it like he's a 100 year old man on his death bed. I die laughing every time I hear him call Uncle Be!! Sweet Boy!!