Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Baby Turns 3!!!

I'm a little late, but I couldn't not post about my sweet little baby's 3rd birthday! Alice Anne turned 3 years old on August 4. I have had a really, really hard time coming to the realization that my little baby is 3 years old! She reminds me of it day after day, and loves telling me that she's my "big girl baby!" She has really grown up this past year and she has a personality of her own! She knows what she wants, and she wants it her way, and she isn't going to give up until she gets it. She is my snuggler, my hugger, and my kisser! If I'm ever having a bad day, all I have to do it ask Alice Anne to give me a hug, and my day is always better. Ask anyone that she is close to, and they will comment on Alice Anne's hugs...they will light up any one's day because they are so genuine!

She is definitely my "hard" child! If I have any grey hairs, she's given me 99.9% of them. She will get in a funk every few weeks, and every time it hits, I know that I'm in for a long few days. Then out of nowhere, she'll turn it around, and her sweet little self returns. I try not to worry about it much, because all of her teachers at school, church and ballet have nothing but sweet, sweet, words to say about her, and to a mommy, how they act when I'm not around, is what matters the most! Brett and I have gotten some good laughs when he will tell the girls that if they are extra sweet, he'll bring them some candy when he comes home from work. If Alice Anne is in one of her moods, she'll look at Brett as serious as can be and say in her deep little voice, "I don't want your candy!!"

She is 100% opposite from Hannah, and I love that they both have their own personality. She ADORES her big sister, and does nothing more than try to be Exactly. Like. Her!!! At this point in her life, she's not my studious one. She would rather be running, or wrestling, or playing pretend with her baby dolls, than coloring or doing quiet learning activities. This is all new to me, since Hannah would prefer to sit at the table and learn all day long! If I'll have an athlete out of the 2, I think she'll be my little athlete, although she is very cautious! She has no desire to ride her tricycle, even though Brett and I have tried and tried, and she is perfectly content sitting on the steps at the swimming pool with her swim ring on. Again, she does everything on HER time!

My favorite thing to do with Alice Anne is our little bedtime routine. Every night after we sing songs and say her prayers, she gives me a big kiss, followed by eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, "head kisses" (where we bonk heads and she is far from gentle--so much so, I've had a bruise on my forehead before), and then she gives me the biggest hug and always says, "tighter, mommy!!" That sweet little phrase will never get old!!

She is the best little eater!! She LOVES most any vegetable and fruit, and she will eat sushi and sashimi like it's going out of style! She loves school, church and ballet! She is the funniest little 3 year old you'll ever meet and she makes us laugh all the time!! For the longest time, she was referred to as "Bally," and we still call her that sometimes, but every time we do, she says very firm and loud, "My name is NOT Bally...I Alice Anne!" She has completely given up her naps, which is the main reason my blog is so far behind!! She has the sweetest little soul and she makes our family brighter day after day! We love you more than you'll ever know Alice Anne!!

I have no idea how she knew what they were, but she requested "funfetti cupcakes" at the grocery store, to have for her birthday breakfast. I LOVE this little smile!

She insisted on a Chuck E. Cheese party!!

She LOVES pizza...even at Chuck E. Cheese!

Sweet Sisters checking out the necklace Chuckie gave her


maryleighcarter said...

It's about time you updated the blog!
I can't believe Alice Anne is 3 either. One of my favorite things about Alice Anne: her deep little voice and how she tries to act shy until you crack her and then she gets silly!

MOM said...

Glad you're back on the blog...I've missed it. What a treasure trove of memories for the girls!

Claire Coleman said...

YEA you're back!!! So nice to read your blog again! Can't believe Alice Anne is 3! Crazy! Time flies when you're having fun!

Bekah Belf said...

I agree, I am excited that the blog is back! I just went back through your blog, read old stories & looked at old pics. It is crazy how the sweet little girls have grown up too quickly.

Grandpop and Gigi said...

So glad to see blog updates. The pictures are the highlight of my day!!! Thank you, thank you!
Hi Mary, Julie, Claire and Bekah:)